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5 Full Moon In Aquarius Rituals (August 7th)



What to do on a full moon?

Perform rituals of course! But not any old candle-lighting, wish-list writing stuff. Use the stars on this full moon – Lunar Eclipse – in Aquarius to really work the celestial weather… Check out my recommendations below!

On this full moon Mars will join the sun in opposition to the moon as it grows full, supercharging an already lit set-up.

Jupiter gets involved too, making it bigger and brighter!

Flirty Venus and chatty Mercury exchange glances from their feminine signs: Virgo and Cancer, and Venus extends her reach towards Neptune in watery Pisces. This full moon comes with an elusive side of romance!

Full Moon ‘Exact’ Times:

GMT 7th August 6.11 pm

1. Dare To Be Different

Take a Quantum Leap with the full moon in Aquarius – it’s totally the time to rock outer space vibes and to dare to be uber different.


2. Future Thinking With Flouro

Aquarius is the most progressive of the zodiac sign, concerned with how to improve life on earth for her fellow woman!

Thus you’ll often find Aquarius consumed with humanitarian pursuits or deep in future thinking.

She also has a flair for futuristic fashions, including fluorescent touches!

Ruled by Unusual Uranus, honour Aquarius fashion on the full moon with electric feels and bright splashes of neon.

3. Send For Your Squad & Party On!

The most sociable sign in astrology, Aquarius has a following to rival the most popular stars.

Like fellow air signs gregarious Gemini and peace-keeper, balanced Libra, Aquarius operates from a thinking or metal perspective.

Air is the element of space and sociability.

The airwaves carry our messages and each of the three air element zodiac signs deals with information and communication in a different way.

Gemini connects information, curiously picking up skills and data. Libra drives with a sociable force, making everything civilised along the way. Aquarius is the fixed one.

She has conviction and loyalty towards her vision, confidence in her beliefs.

A full moon illuminates, making it easy for us to see the stark truth and reality.

Use it’s spotlight to reveal growth in yourself. Use it to celebrate and assert change.

4. Turn Up The Turquiose

Align with Aquarius using their lucky color, turquoise.

A touch of turquoise in your look stands out!

5. Avante Garde Aromas

Aquarius has ownership over blue and white flowers as well as Acacia, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Also the Gardenia fragrance.

Use Frankincense in your full moon massage!

How will YOU celebrate the full moon & Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius Stargazer? Let me know in the comments below!

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