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5 New Moon In Libra Rituals (October 19th)

Get still, get quiet, get trendy with the new moon in Libra…


We’re now in the darkest phase of the lunar cycle, which isn’t as spooky as it sounds, promise!

Ahead of the ‘new moon’ the sky is dark because the moon is sitting in the same portion in the sky as the sun. The luminaries will meet and kiss in the lovely Libra constellation on Thursday October the 19th (at 3.12 pm EST).

What is a ‘black moon’? 

This is just another term for the second new moon in a calendar month, like a ‘blue moon’ is the second full moon in a month…

The energy now is low and still, perfect for a moment of quiet meditation, contemplating seeds to plant and manifest, to make real and activate when the moon gains momentum into her new lunar cycle.

Tip 1: Get The Timing Right!

The best time to take action is a couple of days after the new moon, when luna has a bit of wind beneath her wings to carry your wishes with her to fruition…

Jolly Jupiter sits close by the sun and moon during this new moon, showering extra luck and abundance onto wishes made with the new moon.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and whatever he touches tends to grow and get large! He’s in close proximity, so your intentions will be propelled further – so be careful what you wish for!


Wishes Fulfilled? These intentions can be short-term, flourishing with the full moon in two weeks, or may take six months to appear, blooming with the full moon in Libra next year.

Venus is passing through Scorpio and harmonises perfectly with planet Neptune, in fellow water sign Pisces. There can be extra depth and imagination in your thinking on the new moon in Libra… Read how this new moon might express itself in your zodiac sign here, and remember to read for your sun or star sign and your rising sign.

Tip 2: Let Go And Detox Before A New Moon

At the peak of the cycle the moon is full, engorged, heightened, high and bright. Emotions are lit up, fuller, excited and engaged.

While the full moon is a positive time to celebrate fulfilment, to see what’s come to pass, see how matters have unfolded and see truthfully and fully, the new moon is good for release.

You can let go of clothes you no longer need to make way for the new, do a cosmic detox of your closet with these dark moon hours.

lunar phases fashion wardrobe detox

Remove things you no longer want to see, including unwanted hair, too-tight jeans and toxic people. More info in ‘When To Wax, Dark Moon Beauty Rituals’, here.

Tip 3: Manifest Libra Shiz


The best way to make the most of a Libra new moon is to take advantage of the flavour of the moon and manifest on Librian themes – harmony, diplomacy in personal relations, marriage, legal matters to be fair and just, peace, sweetness, money – even better taste!

Beauty and a lovely appearance… Sounds shallow – time to be a wee bit shallow!

Tip 4: Kicking Off The Year In STYLE

The bigger cycle of Jupiter in Libra is beginning, which means there’s a definite theme for your zodiac sign this year (discover it here).


The Real Deal – Jupiter!

When you wish upon this new moon it’s getting an extra boost courtesy of Jupiter, sitting nearby. Awesome!

Tip 5: Make Your Manifestations BEAUTIFUL


Wishes are so much more meaningful when you write them down, and I urge you to pen your promises to you on pretty paper, fit for a Libra moon.

You could even print off headed paper, or use a special pen for these wishes. Fold up the paper and tuck it away for the full moon in Libra, April 11th 2017!

How will you mark the moon this month?

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