New Moon September 1st! Back To School Vibes…

Bring on the back to school vibes with the new moon in Virgo, which falls September 1st, 2016:

New York: 5.03 am

London: 10.03 am

Sydney: 7.03 pm

The new moon is a wonderful time for intention setting, that is, considering what seeds of intention you’d like to plant now, and see come to fruition on the full moon in Virgo (March 12th, 2017).

Each new moon is a wonderful opportunity to take a moment of still, calm serenity and tune into our inner senses. Breathe and take a moment just for you.

Flavoured with Virgo vibes, the new moon carries a particularly organised, methodical feeling. So…

Make Lists

Virgo is the analyst extraordinaire of the zodiac. She is an expert list-writer and super at getting everything planned within an inch of its life.

The new moon is a wonderful day for ORGANISED intention setting, which means pen to paper, checklists, tick boxes and all.

Target The Little Things

This is the best time to set intentions around the little daily rituals, including health and wellness.

  • Drinking more water
  • Taking more steps (or the stairs instead of the lift!)
  • Getting more fresh air
  • Eating better.

Get Orderly And Organized

Time for a neat trim at the hairdressers, if it’s all getting a bit unruly.

Just ahead of the new moon is the best time to let go – in a neat and tidy fashion. Perfect for a wax, pluck and general brush up.

You can also detox your wardrobe.

Be Of Service

Sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgo tidies up after the Leo party.

Virgo is helpful and keen, with an earthy goodness that’s your health consultant cum secretary. Be helpful to others to let this Virgo energy flow and multiply.

The new moon will fall in a certain area of the horoscope, here’s where to focus your intention and *wishes*


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