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A Design For Life – Fashion Designer Zodiac Signs

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It’s one of the most influential creative vocations in the world, so what can the astrology behind the top fashion designers tell us?

Fashion Designers Astrology

Select your zodiac sign to see your favourite fashion designers born under that zodiac sign, and their stellar style…

Aries Fashion Designers

Hot, heady and always ready for action, Aries are the rebels and game changers that dare in the fashion industry, boldly going where others fear to tread…


See which of the Rams made it to the top!

Follow the link and check out a full list of Aries Fashion Designers…

Taurus Fashion Designers

Venusian ruled Tauro the Bull is in tune with their senses, feeling out the finest fabrics and most luxurious textures and designs…

They’re a reliable zodiac sign, and totally attuned to fashion!


See who sits beside Valentino and Donatella Versace in the list of top Taurus Fashion Designers...

Gemini Fashion Designers

Henry Holland does tights and Charlotte Olympia? Synonymous with shoes!

That’s right, Gemini loves this in pairs and twos!

They’re very versatile those mutable, mercurial lot…


See who shines brightest of the dextrous duos and follow the link for the full list of top Gemini Fashion Designers…

Cancer Fashion Designer

Giorgio Armani is born under the chic Cancer Sun sign, he’s known for working with the lucky shade of the crab – white!


Is this zodiac sign the one that most adds touches of sentimentality and nostalgia to their designs? Yes!

Bring it on home the Cancerians…

Find out who’s riding the waves highest as the Cancer Fashion Designers…

Leo Fashion Designers

Laid back Leo Yves Saint Laurent is a purrfect cat in the Moroccan Sunshine, Coco Chanel was a proud Leo too. But who else in the fashion zodiac is born under the majestic sign of the lion?


They’ve got the midas touch, that’s for sure! Follow the link for the full list of Leo Fashion Designers…

Virgo Fashion Designers

Karl and Tom, Stella and more! You’ve got to embrace the Virgo in you to be top. Practical and detail orientated, organised and rigorous, they make the best fashion designers!


Just see the many big names born under this virtuous sign and follow the link for the Virgo Fashion Designers…

Libra Fashion Designers

Streamlined design ticks the box for Ralph Lauren and Donna Karen, both born under the lovely sign, Libra.


Gracious and refined, they’re beautifully balanced, and big fans of clean lines and beautiful cuts too! Follow the link and see the best Libra Fashion Designers…

Scorpio Fashion Designers

Sexy Scorpio style doesn’t stop with their magnetic stare y’know, the fashion designers born under this sign can really do dark and stormy like no other!


Roberto Cavalli typifies that mysterious aesthetic, with animal print and seductive dresses the order of the day… This sign rules intense transformation, we’re talking bodycon and dark designs… Follow the link and reveal even more Scorpio Fashion Designers…

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Sagittarius Fashion Designers

Bright colours, bold statements and cartoonish style. It’s the Sagittarius Fashion Designers that are trailblazing in fun fashion.


They’re outgoing and not afraid to take big risks – with their catwalk shows or maybe mouthing off about town… Go Saggy Style!

Capricorn Fashion Designers

How to build a fashion empire? Ask those born under the Capricorn zodiac sign. They’re grafters and build classic fashions for us to follow!


Authoritative, ambitious and really realistic, count on Cappy to give you high quality. See a full list of sensational Capricorn Fashion Designers…

Aquarius Fashion Designer

Weird and wonderful, inventive and quirky! Depend on Aqua babes to pull out an individual and inventive style from outside the box! They’re innovators don’t you know?


Can-do revolutionary styles and SHOCK – see all the Aquarius Fashion Designers…

Pisces Fashion Designers

Alexander McQueen and Moschino were super creative, otherworldly – and both died too young…


They’ve left legacies on the catwalk and in our wardrobes too, so what else is revealed by their zodiac sign? Follow the link for a full list of fantastical Pisces Fashion Designers…

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