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April 2017 – Your Monthly Horoscope


Venus continues swimming in her retrograde cycle for the first couple of weeks of April, spelling relationship challenges and a touch of chaos around the things we hold dear. The 15th marks a turning point – progress can resume but not without further complications courtesy of Mercury, retrograde from the 9th.

A full moon peaks in the early hours of the 11th with extra potency – not only are our love and communication planets off kilter, but no-filter Jupiter clashes with powerful Pluto. Be extra mindful, interacting with care in the run-up to this date; avoid unnecessary harms and grievances.

While Mercury and Venus govern different areas the general message can be distilled as such: go slow. The new moon on the 26th delivers an uplifting, green light.

Aries or Aries Rising

You’re in a solid phase for finances, with potentially lucrative opportunities early in the month. Until the 21st take stock of your position, revising how you spend and save. A more sociable air breezes in thereafter, excellent for networking, communication and short trips.

Though you’re proudly in the spotlight it could be a quiet time, with deep reflection taking place behind the scenes. Mercury will retrograde in your sign from the 20th, when life will seem extra busy. Intuition is heightened and you can gain real closure in close relationships – take a step back, practice self-care, and use the weeks ahead to rest and recalibrate.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

With your ruler Venus retrograde until the 15th there are plenty of opportunities to re-evaluate relationships in weeks ahead. The affectionate planet spends April in your most sociable sector, allowing you to move forward positively with friends and your squad. You can tackle any particularly challenging exchanges of late, including romantic liaisons.

Increasing your capacity to reflect thoughtfully, Mercury will retrograde in your sign from the 9th. Take it slow, Tauro, don’t get caught out in an urgent frenzy of personal activity, just take it step by step.

Fresh starts are offered on the 26th, a great time to pause and take stock of your senses.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

You’re somewhat in hibernation mode, as your ruler Mercury swims the dreamy subconscious realms, and then begins a retrograde cycle on the 9th! Give yourself lots of breathing space. On the 20th the planet will navigate your social sector – be extra mindful around times, dates and scheduling of group activities.

Circle the 11th as an incredibly passionate, romantic day.

Throughout April there’s opportunity to reassess your preferred direction and goals, and to reconnect with how you’re presenting yourself at large. You’ll feel highly energized from the 21st though be sure to take a pause on the 26th, rewarding your senses with a divine treat.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

The full moon illuminates home on April 11th, bringing to light progress made in domestic spheres since September 2016, while emphasizing a need to balance these flourishing foundations with your public role, and also your key relationships.

This month helps you redefine friendships, identifying the connections that support your dreams, and the ones that don’t. Group activities are high on your agenda and the weeks ahead provide solid opportunities to get clarity and reevaluate your community.

Towards the end of the month you’re slowing down; it’s a wonderful time to think about the supportive crowd you’d like around you, inviting new allies to your side.

Leo or Leo Rising

The sun sets you up for travel and educational opportunities, so be open to exploration, adventure and broadening your horizons, though do be keenly astute – Mercury will retrograde in this particular area of your horoscope from the 10th. If you’re planning to embark on a journey of discovery double-check itineraries.

You’re also prompted to revisit a financial or legal matter, which will begin to resolve itself from the 15th, though it will play out all month.

The last ten days of April bring attention to your public face, delivering a fresh start for appearances – update profile pics and lay down your success strategy.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

Renegotiating partnerships is a theme hotly highlighted throughout April; money issues will be high on your agenda too, and the next few weeks can be terrific for rebalancing, redistributing and sharing the load. Earnings, income and your role can be clearly assessed towards the 11th.

Your ruling planet Mercury appears retrograde from the 9th and until the 20th focuses on education, travel and spreading your message, signaling a rethink around a venture presently being pursued – fine tune the details.

For the last portion of the month you’ll gain further insight by revisiting – and digging a little deeper – on an intriguing legal, financial or private affair.

Libra or Libra Rising

Venus appears retrograde through your work sector till the 15th, highlighting money, personal relations and what you value in your day-to-day. It’s a good time to reconsider what you need to make you happy, using the second half of April to make the change.

Meanwhile, there’s lots of activity and attention on financial obligations – you can begin to get on-track as far as shared commitments are concerned, with a brand new start at months end.

An emotional full moon puts your new venture in the spotlight, urging you to celebrate the journey you’ve embarked upon – note your progress, there’s more success to come.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

You’re pressing ahead in professional and personal relationships, however from the 9th Mercury pulls back in retrograde motion, adding complications to your exchanges. Misunderstandings can occur in work environments, so be astute in communications – on email, in person, even in your body language. The 11th could be exhausting – press pause liberally this month.

Throughout April, Venus lingers in the playful, passionate area of your horoscope, allowing you opportunities to reconcile with what (and who) you value. Revisit the creative projects that make you smile, remind yourself what makes you happy and rekindle romance.

On the 21st focus turns to financial matters, tentatively begin to take action.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

It’s a playful, busy time of year for Sagittarius – you can happily split your energy between the usual duties on your itinerary, and revisiting a home or domestic project. Venus spends April in your nesting zone, remembering familiar comforts, and rediscovering the beauty of personal space; it’ll be easier to make improvements from the 15th, so don’t rush in.

With Mercury retrograde in the area governing day-to-day work and habits you’ll be wise to take a steady – if not vigilant approach to routine matters.

The 11th celebrates your crew – remember, teammates are friendly supporters, not there to rock the boat.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

Exciting times! Venus is still retrograde and spends April in the communication sector of your horoscope, while Mercury is due to backspin through your passionate, romantic zone from the 9th. Expect exchanges to need a little extra care and attention – there’s a sense of urgency about relationships and creative projects now. You’re at liberty to dive in, however take plenty pauses; the 26th heralds new beginnings so reevaluate your needs before then.

A career highlight comes on the 11th – celebrate your authority and expertise with graciousness. It’s easy to get into power struggles now, however let your blossoming reputation do the talking.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

Lovely Venus spends April hanging out in your money zone, prompting you to reevaluate how you earn (and spend,) and the role you’re known for. You can easily reframe your position from the 15th, presenting a different facet and set of talents to gain from.

You’re actively keeping the home fires burning with activity around your living space and roots; between the 9th and 20th it’s an ideal time to reassess domestic matters and recalibrate your foundations – lean into nostalgia and reconnect with family.

April’s full moon on the 11th highlights the adventure you’ve embarked on, though perhaps not everyone’s on ‘team Aquarius’.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Love and beauty planet Venus spends the entire month in your sign, but it’s only from the 15th you’ll start to feel her harmonizing effect. It’ll be easier to sense your value from mid-month, when a more balanced perspective is introduced across personal matters – do something special to spoil and indulge yourself.

Meanwhile, Mercury retrogrades through the communication sector of your horoscope from the 9th, spelling confusion around exchanges that seemed to be just taking off. They still have wind beneath them, however you’re better equipped to revise the details. Take a fine toothcomb to finances from the 20th and double check contracts all month long.

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