Share the Aries Beauty Trait – It’s All About The Brow…


Sun In Aries? Check. Red Lippy? Check. Talons That Mean Business? Check. Bushy Brows? Check!

Aries Beauty – It’s All About The Brow…

The first sign of the zodiac Aries dives head first into their endeavours and it’s Aries that rules the head in the astrology of the body.

These people can have high, noticeable foreheads, which can be larger than your average!

Their hairline can be higher up, giving the impression of a large forehead and they generally have expansive, open faces that are innocent – even babyfaced.

Those with a strong presence of the zodiac sign ‘Aries’ in the birth chart can often have a noticeable or prominent brow. This can be the Aries Rising crew, the sun sign Aries or those born when the moon or Venus was in Aries.

Aries Beauties


Sun In Aries: Emma Watson, Keira Knightly, Kristen Stewart, Joan Crawford, Miranda Kerr, Rooney Mara, Yasmeen Ghauri, Victoria BeckhamRosie Huntington-Whitely, Jessica Chastain, Ashley Judd And Sarah Jessica Parker

The strong, sometimes angular brow of Aries reflects the energy of the Ram, ready to lock horns and butt their way into any situation.

These people are direct, brave and love risk and challenge. They go right on ahead into battle or any situation, onwards and upwards!

Often their heads are tilted up, reflecting their optimism and brave stance.

The Moon Matters Too…


Moon In Aries: Kendall Jenner, Salma Hayek, Chloë Moretz, Rihanna, Lauren Bacall, Angelina Jolie, Tyra Bank And Nigella Lawson

Born when the moon was passing through Aries and you might just have a noticeable brow too.

Those born with the lunar body in this ardent zodiac constellation often have eyebrows that are strong and noticeable too! See all the stars with Moon in Aries, here.

Winning Advice for Aries? 

Make the most of your eyebrows – pencil them thick and dark…

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