Sun In Aries Marc Jacobs – Confident And Loud – BANG!

Aries fashion designers are a little more rebellious, independent and cutting edge than the rest.

Trendsetters, they tend to dictate major movements rather than following the fashion pack…

That’s right, as a feisty fire sign, Aries are trailblazers! They’re the initiators who sit up and take action rather than wait for others to set the wheels in motion.

Take Vivienne Westwood, she was the original punk hero, who literally invented the spirit of this fashion style.



Likewise, Victoria Beckham was brave and assured when she embarked on a career in design, determined to break out of her not-so-fashion-forward pop career!

These guys like high shine and looks that make an impact.

You’ll notice that when it was announced that Christopher Bailey was taking up the role of Chief Creative Officer of Burberry, he totally revolutionised the brand with a collection of high shine raincoats.

Aries loves to lead and win! In 2014 Burberry took home Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards…


Burberry Prorsum At London Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2013…

Check out the full list of Aries fashion designers below, isn’ t it interesting that Hilfiger, Lam and Bailey are all born on consecutive days? Favourable fashion birthdays some might say…

Amazing Aries Fashion Designers

victoria-b  viv-westwood

☆ Tommy Hilfiger 24th March 1951 ☆ Derek Lam 25th March 1966 ☆ Christopher Bailey 26th March 1971 ☆ Vivienne Westwood 8th April 1941 ☆ Marc Jacobs 9th April 1963 ☆ Victoria Beckham 17th April 1974

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