Get Stuck Into The Monthlies For The Ultimate Forecast Fix – It’s A Habit That’s Good For You!

Here’s your ultimate guide to the best monthly horoscopes, stay happy and save this page as a hub of fantastical forecasts!

★ Get A Monthly Mega Fix On The First! ★

There are certain astrologers who’ve really proved their worth over years of forecasting for the masses.

Of course it’s up to you who’s horoscopes you like to read (or reject!) Check out my top picks of the published professionals…


Sensational Stargazer Susan Miller

Susan Miller’s monthly horoscopes are highly explanatory, with dates and predictions a plenty. Read and note down the important dates from her forecasts, which are lengthy and legendary. I love that Susan fully explains why certain times are important, very useful for those of us that understand a little more about the stars…



Seriously Stellar Shelley von Strunckel

Since 1992, Shelley von Strunckel has written weekly stars for The Sunday Times, daily for the Evening Standard and her monthly forecasts are published in Tatler Magazine. Lucky for us she also publishes horoscopes free online! If it’s your birthday be sure to check her Birthday Stars too! Shelley is simply a super astrologer…


astrologer-diana-garlandDelightful Diana Garland

Diana Garland produces detailed monthly horoscopes on her website, which appear in video format to boot! How relaxing – listen to them while you do the ironing… She also produces daily and yearly forecasts online.


astrologer-patrick-arundellPow! Predictions From Patrick Arundell

Patrick Arundell does the daily Metro Scopes, which sadly aren’t available online, however you can read his monthly horoscopes on his website! They come in both video format and the written word…


Star Sisters Tali And Ophira Edut

Identical twin sisters Tali and Ophira – The AstroTwins – have your monthly online forecasts, and don’t forget to check out their daily, weekly, yearly and LoveScopes! Check out their website,… The professional astrologers for (US) they’ve got their finger perfectly on the pulse of the planets!



Sherene Schostak and Stefanie Iris Weiss

Sherene and Stefanue, A.K.A. The Saturn Sisters! This duo write daily, monthly and yearly stars for ELLE UK. You can view them here! These hot horoscopes are nice and concise, so you can always take the time to read them. I think they’re pretty accurate too. These lovely ladies are also resident astrologers for A great one for the girlies!

astrologer-chrissie-blazeCosmic Chrissie Blaze

Short and sweet, Chrissie Blaze has free monthly horoscopes on her website.

russell-grant-horoscopesQuirky Cosmic Russell Grant

Self-confessed eccentric Aquarius Russell is quite the a personality, he spent many years forecasting Your Stars on breakfast TV, and you’ll have seen him most recently on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. As well as daily scopes he produces weekly horoscopes and LoveScopes, plus a monthly forecast available free online.

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