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Diane Kruger White

Wonderful In White, Sun In Cancer (Moon In Pisces) Diane Kruger…

Cancer fashion can reflect the shades that cascade across the surface of the Moon – colours like silver, grey and cream work well for them.

That’s right Stargazers, Cancer should wear white!

Pure And Demure


Sun In Cancer Stars – Nicole Scherzinger, Anna Friel And Cheryl Cole…

White symbolises purity, innocence and wholeness.

Rather than a stimulant it acts as a colour to be written upon – like the paper we keep in our printers or the artists canvas.

Both the colour white and the zodiac sign Cancer, with its caring nature, alleviate stress and emotional upsets. Doctors wear white, and this colour really implies a neutral stance and offers calmness to an atmosphere – peace and comfort.

Cancerians have a knack of making even a simple tee-shirt look chic and beautiful, and on those famous faces it can even stand as their signature colour.

You’ll have to agree, they look wonderful in white…


Sun In Cancer Stars From Top Left – Princess Diana, Liv Tyler, Debbie Harry, Jessica Simpson And Pamela Anderson…

White needn’t wash you out, either. True, it can be a tricky colour to pull off but even on the palest of skins Cancer chicks look sublime – it suits them so!


Sun In Cancer Lindsay Lohan Looks Lovely In Greys And The Specturm Of Shades Of La Lune…

Cancer is a sign that needs to be aware of absorbing other peoples energies and emotions too readily.

As the most sensitive of the signs, they have a tendency to pick up on feelings, atmospheres and any given mood, which can be positive but all too often negative.

Just as waving a white flag can signify surrender, wearing white fashions can send out a defeatist vibe.

Although it’s pure and lovely, one doesn’t want to appear weak and defenceless! So often our Cancer friends are too ready to retreat into their shell.

The security conscious Crab needs to know not to keep the defences up, despite the risk of her soft centre getting prodded!

Like the surface of the moon, the darker shades of silver and grey offers security, as they conceal and protect the wearer. However, these are colours that risk not being noticed.

Yes, they offer an understated mystery but can also appear somewhat drab, promoting a gloomy air (and Cancer can be moody!)

Still, Cancer looks gorgeous in grey…

To really lead the way in the style stakes wear the best colours for your sign., not only the Sun but your Rising SignMoon Sign and of course, your Venus sign too…


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