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Chic Cancer, Ravishing In Retro Styles…

Just saw the gorgeous French actress Léa Seydoux in the new James Bond movie, Spectre.

I included Léa in my list of Top Cancerian Models a while back but of course had to take a peek at her natal chart to discover her personal astrology beyond her Cancer Sun sign

Because I knew Seydoux was born under the Crab constellation I was drawn to her style when watching the film – looking at her Star Sign Style! 

What struck me most about the wardrobe choices and fashion in Spectre was the retro touches throughout.

As the sign ruled by the moon and therefore memories, and therefore nostalgia, there is a true affinity between the Cancer zodiac sign and styles from a bygone era.

Cancer can do vintage throwback styles like no other sign! And don’t forget to honour your rising sign, moon and Venus in your dress…

Goddess planet Venus was in the sensual sign, earthy and tenacious Taurus when Lea was born, perhaps gracing the star with her voluptuous lips and graceful, grounded femininity. Taurus is one of the two zodiac signs under Venus rulership, so this planetary placement usually turns out well!

Lea had ambitions to be an opera singer too, something that resonates with a love of song, a Tauro area.

Venus sits with the Midheaven, governing our reputation and wider appearance – Lea has the beauty planet touching her public persona, ensuring she’s known as a true beauty!!

As a Virgo rising lady we can look to the dramatic Mercury in Leo as the ruler of the natal chart. Both Gemini and Virgo on the ascendant have the planet of speaking, thinking and communicating as an important element of their life purpose.

Despite her beauty Lea sees herself very much as an actress (a leoline occupation). This planet tightly squares Pluto in Scorpio – two fixed signs the twelfth and third house of subconscious and connecting.

Lea Seydoux’s Birth Chart


Born 1st July 1985 At 10.30 Am, In Paris, France

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