Astrology And Beauty: Cutting Your Hair By The Moon Phases 2013

french-hairdressersA couple of years ago I read that it’s customary for (some) French hairdressers to cut certain client’s hair by the light of a full moon

It’s said that cutting your hair by the moon phases can help to promote maximum growth, or, alternatively, if you’re looking to slow growth, say, to keep a cut for longer, you can take the moon phases into consideration too. So, if you cut hair on a full moon, it’s said to grow faster, thicker and fuller, if you wax, pluck, trim or cut hair in the dark of the moon, it wont grow back as fast…

I became obsessed with this idea and immediately put it into practice, booking into salons on those full moon days, occasionally revealing my madness to bemused looking hairdressers in the hope they might have heard the myth too!

Unfortunately there was and is a big flaw in my experiment – I have no way of testing if my hair really is growing faster or not! Still, I like to keep the faith that les coiffeurs français had it right all along, so I still try and cut my hair on a full moon, and conversely, perform hair removal in the dark of the moon… So I wax when the moon is waning.

If you’d like to too, read on!

Cutting Your Hair By The Moon Phases: The Waxing And Full Moon

So, to make hair grow faster, thicker and fuller, trim your hair on a full moon. You can also cut in the run up to the full moon, or when the moon is waxing, or getting bigger. But the best day? Full Moon! Remember that the exact time of a full moon is not always at night so you can always get a cut spot on! If it is after hours, perhaps you could ask your hairdresser if they’ll do a late one. And if you’re feeling brave, ask your hairdresser to cut your tresses out doors. Because just as the Sun releases Vitamin D, the Moon has its own rays of light with moon shine power (maybe). Watch out for werewolves though…

Cut your hair when the Moon is in Leo for a marvelous mane of hair, and when Moon is in Pisces cut your locks for it to grow back with even more shiny and gorgeous flow…

When To Wax?


Cutting Your Hair By The Moon Phases: The Waning Moon And The Dark Of The Moon

Just as the full moon has the hairy (scary) werewolf effect, the opposite is true in the dark of the moon. Hair will not grow as rapidly when the moon is waning – perfect for waxing, tweezing, shaving – even scrubbing away hard skin on those heels! It’ll be less likely to return, see.

Similarly, if you want to maintain a haircut for longer, now is a good time for a cut. Men’s hairstyles always get bedraggled quickly, so if you want to keep a neat, slow growth to hair, cut when it’s waning. And don’t whine – you know now!

Those Dark Moon Days… 2013!

These are the best days to slow that re-growth! So book in and get beautiful

And, the days leading up to the dark moon days (when the moon is waning) are good too! Thereafter, avoid hair removal, as the moon is in its waxing phase…

★ May 9th ★ June 7th ★ July 7th ★ August 5th ★ September 4th ★ October 4th ★ November 2nd ★ December 2nd ★ December 31st ★

So it looks like New Year’s Eve 2013 is a proper pamper day!

Full Moon For 2013 – Best For Hair That Grows Back Faster, Fuller And More Glossy!

★ April 25th ★ May 25th ★ June 23th ★ July 22nd ★ August 20th ★ September 19th ★ October 18th ★ November 17th ★ December 17th ★



So book in for a trim! And a manicure will have a better chance of regrowth if done on the days above…


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