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Astrology Trend Forecast & Your Fashion Horoscopes 2018!

Saturn In Capricorn + Jupiter In Scorpio – Sexy Heritage Styles…


For your yearly style scope and fashion horoscope for 2018 I look at the larger planetary cycles in motion. You’ll find the 2018 fashion horoscope for your zodiac sign here or you can read your more regular monthly and weekly horoscopes, here.

At the very end of 2017, structured Saturn makes his way from exuberant, knowledge seeking Sagittarius, and begins a three-year stint in the zodiac sign Capricorn.

Those born early in the sign (December 22nd to around the 27th) will feel it most, as will individuals born in the early part of Aries season, Cancer season and Libra season – the Cardinal signs in astrology.

A few months before Saturn makes his move, Jupiter, the bolstering planet in our solar system (and the largest) dove into Scorpio.

We’ll experience this Jupiter in Scorpio transit throughout 2018, right through till November 8th, when the gas giant comes home to it’s own sign, Sagittarius.

Saturn In Capricorn – Structured Styles

Saturn in Capricorn December 19th 2017 to December 17th 2020

The last time Saturn moved through Capricorn was 1988 to 1991, a time when the structure the Berlin Wall collapsed (along with the East German Government), apartheid began to be dismantled in Southern Africa, and pro-democracy was championed in Tiananmen Square. We could think of this stage of evolution as an opportunity to correct things that are outside of their proper place, a Karmic rod coming to whip things back into shape (lets hope so!)

Catwalk Fashions Summer 1988, Saturn, Neptune And Uranus In Capricorn…

Without discounting the variety of styles that were trending during the very late 80s and early 90s, I like to hone in on the more austere, principled and ‘straight’ styles, that chime so well with the Capricorn archetype.

Capricorn is the zodiac’s earth sign of winter, respected as a capable authority, always ‘appropriately turned out’ and classic. It’s a sign known for doing things correctly – from laying the supper table to building an empire, brick by brick. They uphold practical standards for us all, with their ambitious, driven nature.

While I don’t think styles will become more prudish or ‘buttoned up’ during Saturn in Capricorn, I do think we’re in for a quality check. This is a zodiac sign that appreciates craftsmanship, and ‘fast fashion’ could well have had its day in the sun.

Planet of restriction, boundaries and of limitations, Saturn makes clear what can and can’t survive (just ask anyone who’s enduring their Saturn Return). Capricorn is the sign of the bleak mid-winter, a time of hardship and hunkering down.

It could be a sobering stretch ahead, as we become more mindful of purchases, and the stark reality of wealth and financial truths, which could be disrupted with Uranus in Taurus chiming in (see below).

Jupiter In Scorpio – Sexy Snake Motifs

Jupiter in Scorpio October 10th 2017 to November 8th 2018

A quick and easy way to remember the overarching trend for 2018 is to look to the latest Gucci collection, in which we see the snake as a dominant symbol.

It’s incredible the way this motif is capturing the heart of the masses, at this time when Scorpio is so emphasised in the skies.

To reiterate, the snake is a reptile governed by Scorpio and the signs’ planetary ruler Pluto, which oversees all that can be transformed and reborn. The snake shedding its skin is a common metaphor for the Scorpio dominant individual, who finds herself undergoing dramatic makeovers, in the different chapters of her life.

Scorpio + Capricorn…

Note that the dominant trends for this year involve the cycle of Saturn through Capricorn, and Jupiter – passing through Scorpio. Because the sun passes through the zodiac on a monthly basis, followed swiftly by Mercury, Venus and to a degree Mars, it’s worth taking our seasonal style cues from slower moving planets.

Mars spends a hella long time in Capricorn this year due to his retrograde motion, too. Both Scorpio and Capricorn are feminine zodiac signs on the polarity of yin and yang. Both also have an affinity with the darker shades of winter – Capricorn being the sign of December, ruled by bleak Saturn. Scorpio is the fixed water sign that does deep in late Autumn, a still, cool lake that’s hiding so much beneath its surface.

While Saturn is right at home in Capricorn, Jupiter plunging through Scorpio is rather more arresting. We’ve recently seen sexual assault and harassment cases bought out publicly, the handiwork of mouthpiece Jupiter, who has dived to the bottom of Scorpio’s layer, unearthing its secrets.

Style wise, we can marry the stoic authenticity of Capricorn, who loves craftsmanship, ‘doing things properly’, abiding by the rules, and structure, teaming these principles with cornerstones of the underworld: visible sexualised materials – patent finished, leather and hardware.

Pluto is presently in Capricorn too, and I’ll be surprised if we don’t see lots of people adopting a tougher look, as people own and assert their sense of power and ambition.

After all, clothes and style are a significant way to express on the outside what we’re feeling on the inside

More Excitement – Uranus Into Taurus!

You can read about this planetary cycle in a separate post, here; it’s very much connected to our material values – our bank balance, income and wallets, and perhaps even our wardrobes!

Taurus is the zodiac sign governing economies, financial systems and our collected approach to savings (and agriculture). It’s not hard to anticipate the changes Uranus will bring, as we’re already sensing the shake up in this corner of consciousness…

The Times Are Changing…

I’m no expert on BitCoin, however I do know that digitized payment methods are mainstream (I use PayPal for example), and that there are all kinds of new ‘wallets’ embedded in phones and devices that are revolutionizing how we handle our earnings.

It might be time to buy a different kind of purse – an iWatch or chic phone case that helps you do more!

With this shift, it might be that coveted accessories and collectors items – like very expensive handbags – are not such prized possessions after all…

Pantone 2018

It’s interesting to note the Pantone color choices and their connection to the planetary cycles too!

While Rose Quartz & Serenity ruled during the Jupiter in Libra cycle of 2016–2017, the latest Pantone hue ‘Ultra Violet’ is far better suited to Jupiter in Scorpio, and its transition into Sagittarius in late 2018.

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