Aquarius Season, Comes With A Boost Of Jupiter In Libra This Year!


Two major moons set the tone this month – the full moon (and lunar eclipse) in Leo on February 10th (7.33 pm EST) and the new moon (a solar eclipse) in Pisces on the 26th (6.52 pm EST).

Each has a unique flavor and both the propensity to spark major, major change.

Celebrate Valentine’s with the full moon on the 10th – the excitement’s palpable, yet the electric feels are steeped in realism thanks to stellar alignment from structured Saturn.

And, it’s been a long time coming; a new wave jolts us all into dynamic action on the 26th. The last solar eclipse in a two year stretch across the Pisces-Virgo axis, this new moon has ultimate fizz, with a meeting of Mars and Uranus at the very moment the moon aligns with the sun.

Quite contrary, planet of big plans and expansion, Jupiter appears retrograde from the 6th, pressing pause on growth till June 10th. Revisit progress made since November 11th, refining and expanding on your most important learnings and use the months ahead to assess overall developments since September, tweaking your path to progress.

Aries or Aries Rising

Enjoy sweet spots between the 3rd and 6th, personal relations run smooth and it seems everything goes your way, so, ask for what you want. Co-operation might not be sustained, however, as this month you’re inclined to assert yourself autonomously. The 10th is gorgeous – you’ll feel like a star but do share the limelight (and love) around.

Late February offers potential for deep self-reflection; you can truly let go of old patterns and behaviors with personal breakthroughs on the 26th. Take action and you’re capable of lasting personal change. Note your relationships will need time to recalibrate around the new you.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

From February 4th your ruler Venus dives into a highly sensitive and compassionate area of your horoscope – for an extended period you’ll use a more contemplative approach, however confusion may run rife. Embrace the opportunity for reflection but be mindful of neglecting your needs, Tauro.

Female relations and your wider circle are a hot topic in weeks to come; February 10th prompts you to embrace reliable supporters and frameworks – celebrate your inner sense of security. The 26th opens doors to new connections and you can take action towards fresh starts in friendship groups. Act on insights gleaned throughout the month.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

Keep friendly, social activity high on your agenda, Twin Star. You’re in a positive cycle for pleasure seeking yet you’ve a serious disposition when it comes to dating and relating, approaching matters with a deep, probing intensity until the 7th when a more adventurous spirit breezes in. Welcome the refreshing pause that broadens your thinking.

Focus lands squarely on your place in the world and the way you’re seen on the 26th; a key development adjusts your sails, setting you forth on a different course. You’ll find the crewmate you’ve been seeking; just make sure their support’s on your terms.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

Your public profile receives a boost with potentially lucrative rewards following suit on the 10th. The first two weeks of February spotlight your private affairs; it’s an opportune moment to cleanse your core commitments for a squeaky clean bill of emotional health.

In the latter part of the month, an impulsive charge gets you all fired up; you’re in a good position to assert yourself but take a pause to assess what you’re fighting for. Tune in to your dreams, the journey you’d really like to pursue. The 26th is a huge turning point in your path to something meaningful.

Leo or Leo Rising

The 10th is a stellar day for the lions to shine – a full moon in your sign highlights your talents, so be sure to reveal cherished projects you’ve been working towards. The stars propel your message further within a platform that serves you well.

With an emphasis on relationships throughout February your sights are set on crafting the stage for a happy team. By the 18th your priorities bring you closer to much deeper needs – trust and true loyalty. On the 26th you’re ready to take a significant step in merging with another, and the months ahead can see it fulfilled.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

It’s a busy time of year for Virgo but despite the growing agenda you’re having fun, at least till the 7th when you coolly step into full-on productivity. Steer your focus to bring about transformation in a relationship or area that counts – it’ll be hot on your agenda in months to come. Clues reveal themselves on the 10th, a day to go offline for R&R.

Significant for relationships, the 26th marks the culmination of a two-year recalibration around what partnership means to you. Set the tone moving forwards – you’re capable of powerful assertion now so direct the change your way.

Libra or Libra Rising

The cards are dealt strongly in your favor when it comes to relating in February, Libra, so let affections soar and develop a positive rapport within your key partnerships. Extra effort seeded now will pay dividends in months to come. Embrace friendships on the 10th and harness a fresh start in your daily habits February 26th; both days are significant turning points.

Personal plans may feel on the back burner from the 6th but you’re really being offered the chance to review your recent growth spurt – time to practice walking tall in your new stride. By summer you’ll be galloping.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

Efforts pay off on the 10th with recognition and appreciation due – you’ll be praised for a job well done and can use this green light to advance your new venture. Be proud of your diligence, you’ll power ahead with considerable steam; the new chapter comes in November.

The month culminates with a highly energized, romantic high. Assert yourself on the 26th, set the tone in your natural habitat – you’ll make a big impression on those around you. Amplify and direct the flavor of your passions – call the shots and you’ll be amazed at the results in the months ahead, Scorpio.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Mi amore! February is your month to fan the flames of passion. Single or attached, you can let sparks fly with stimulating conversations that make life all the more exciting. The good vibes permeate and you’ll get a boost around the 10th, fuelling your next adventure.

A slowdown from the 6th is far from permanent but does offer pause for thought, centering on ‘team Sagittarius’. Your group is blossoming beautifully, use the months ahead to steer the ship your way. Home is significant later in the month, as you breathe new life into your foundations for a fun, fresh start!

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

Home life receives a boost of positivity in February, and you might be drawn to make improvements – not only surface level titivation but deeper restoration, radically addressing your roots. An important matter can be resolved around the 10th, accelerating you towards your ideal foundations: those infused with security and empowerment.

Remember, when progress stalls you’re being given ample room to rethink and re-strategize, Capricorn. Your close circle plays a prominent role from the 18th bringing you further peace of mind. Exchanges around the 26th influence your mindset and perspective, helping you to take positive action in creating the ultimate sanctuary.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

It’s an awesome time to work the room, Aqua babe! A significant exchange on the 10th ignites inspired thinking and fosters the potential for a radical re-set. It’s a positive time to cement friendships – initiate the shift you’d like to see in your social network.

By the end of the month you’re ready to shake up the status quo – on the 26th you’re particularly keen to assert yourself, a favourable and powerful day for action. The role you play, how you’re seen and your true values can be contemplated – you might want to transition your position, it’s more than possible, now.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

You’re thriving and assertive this month, yet despite abundant drives set-aside time to reflect; let go of any lingering beliefs that hold you back, Pisces. Close the last chapter of the year – timely prior to your birthday, and especially now, with a game changing eclipse in your sign.

Your role is spotlighted February 10th. Take a closer look at the part you play and if this aligns with what you really want; how would you prefer to be valued? Based on these inclinations you can assert yourself on the 26th, with a powerful green light to go for what you want.

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