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Festive Forecasts

20th to the 31st December 2014


Carolina Espinosa AriesAries

It may be holiday season but you’re not stopping. Career will be on your mind over Christmas as you hatch revolutionary plans; luck favour’s your ideas and creativity, which you can carry through into 2015.

The 25th you’ll want to be around ‘your people’, whether that’s family or a great bunch of friends, and you’ll have the energy to socialise right on until new year!


Carolina Espinosa TaurusTaurus

Christmas is a good time to travel for Taurus, you’ll want to expand your horizons from the 22nd so best have tickets booked as you’ll want to get away. You will have plenty energy for career over Christmas, so if you’re self-employed you can keep the cogs turning.

2015 heralds a time of true transformation, the first taste of this energy comes on the 24th, relationships will feel lighter too…


Carolina Espinosa GeminiGemini

There are major changes afoot for the Twins in December, you’ll no doubt feel the shifting sands which touch your relationships – both romantic, and partners of yours in any realm. Thankfully, you have the opportunity to get serious and ‘get real’ in matters of the heart and your interactions with your major significant others. You might want to have conversations around money – do, as luck will be on side.

Christmas day itself will be fun, with energy to travel if the mood takes you!


Carolina Espinosa CancerCancer

Christmas is a pivotal point for Cancer chick’s and dudes, work’s about to get serious following the big day – be prepared to toughen up on your routine after Santa’s visit! They’ll be some fabulous career surprises in store for 2015 that will totally revolutionise how others see you and money matters are looking good.

Use this yule to transform your partnerships – not only romantic but work, too.


Carolina Espinosa LeoLeo

It might feel as if all eyes are on your right now so it’s a good job you embrace the spotlight! Though you enjoy being centre stage you might feel more inclined to power on through this season with work matters taking your real focus.

It’s a great time to assess work, health and perhaps even make some early new years resolutions, if you can do so ahead of the new moon on the 21st.


Carolina Espinosa VirgoVirgo

Virgo’s can enjoy romance, fun and get their creative juices flowing over Christmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for you! 2015 is going to be a big one, from September onwards you’ll have a big boost of luck, brilliant for self-promotion, launching a project or simply shining at work or among your peers.

Spend Christmas day with the people you consider family, if you can, you might be taking ‘home’ more seriously soon…


Carolina Espinosa LibraLibra

Christmastime will be family time for Librians, and you’ll love being around and spoiling your kith and kin. You’ll have more bags of energy than presents in Santa’s sack so use your vitality creating a beautiful atmosphere around the home – you know how best to achieve a blissful setting!

Luck is lighting up your sociable sector so do burn brightly this season, romance is in the air too Libra, Christmas day is lovely!


Carolina Espinosa ScorpioScorpio

Work matters are receiving a boost thanks to lucky Jupiters transit of your career house, however it might be family that matters most to you over Christmas. You’ll want to let them know so feel free to go deep and meaningfull as you express yourself – it will be important to get your message across.

Life will start to feel lighter than it has in a long time after the 24th, when Saturn finally leaves your sign, so catch your breath.


Carolina Espinosa SagittariusSagittarius

Your adventurous side has been sated in these last few months, however there could be more travel on the cards, or, perhaps you’ll be expanding your consciousness through study or growing in one way or another.

Life’s about to get more serious for you though Saggy, and despite the urge to splash out, indulge and generally be carefree err on the side of cautiousness.Think investment over impulse purchases. A careful approach can work well on the 25th too – watch out for classic verbal blunders on Christmas!


Carolina Espinosa CapricornCapricorn

The 22nd December marks the start of a major new cycle for you and is quite possibly the best moment of this year, and next, to set your best intentions, resolutions and promises to your wonderful self, as you transform anew. You’re quite literally a beautiful butterfly, as Venus is transiting your sign and the Sun shines his birthday magic on all the Cappy’s in the land!

Enjoy and embrace the changes.


Carolina Espinosa AquariusAquarius

Time to rest up Aqua, it’s been busy and now’s the time to put on the brakes. Though you’re energized, from the 22nd you’ll want to go inward, listen to your instincts and get some privacy over your yuletide. Usually the life and soul, socially you’ll need to incubate, although on the 25th you’ll be feeling on full form.

It’s a positive time for partnerships and communication so speak to those you care about – luck is on your side.


Carolina Espinosa PiscesPisces

Christmas is positively buzzing for you – you’ll have lots of energy for friends, so join in all the social events, especially from the 22nd. Next year your good luck at work will continue, you might get more serious about your career too! Mix merrily during this period you could be mingling with someone that benefits you financially in 2015… Dare to dream on the 26th as your emotions surface and on new years you’ll feel chatty!

Party on Pisces!


Illustrations by Carolina Espinosa.

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