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Full Moon in Aries 2016


Full Moon In Aries, 2016

Get ready for a rollercoaster of a ride this weekend under the Full Moon in Aries taking place on:

L.A. October 15th 9.23 pm

NY October 16th 00.23 pm

London October 16th 5.23 am.

This full moon is a powerful one called a “Super Moon”, as it appears very large in the sky.

Its energy is focused on personal transformation and will urge us to rebel, break free of constraints, and put our uniqueness on display for the world.

All full moons are not created equal, they each have a different purpose and use planetary energy in different ways to get its point across to us.

In true Aries fashion, this full moon is using strong, forceful energy in the form of squares and oppositions (astrology speak for difficult conversations among the planets) to make things so uncomfortable and uneasy that we have no choice but to get some relief.

While the upside of this strong energy is that it helps us make personal changes, the downside is that it can create friction and misunderstands between people.

Emotions run high around all full moons but expect extra during this particular full moon.

The filter will be off, people will say and act however they feel.

The moon in Aries is impulsive, acting first thinking later. Be mindful of this and keep your ego in check.

In addition to the moon in Aries and the sun Libra, the key players in this weekend’s meeting are Pluto (control and transformation), Mars (willpower and assertion), and Uranus (unpredictable rebel).

The sun and the moon are sitting across from each other helping us balance how to meld into successful partnerships while still maintaining our sense of individuality.

Libra is all about partnerships and creating harmony. Aries however, is more self-focused and while it likes to be a part of the group it needs to stand out from everyone else.

This conversation is a little difficult but manageable, until Mars, Pluto and Uranus join the conversation. This three-some are combining their energy to form a forceful, freedom-loving burst of energy that is ready to take the bull by the horns and rebel against the status-quo all for the sake of helping us express our creativity and individuality in new ways.

Pluto is the planet of major transformation and Aries deals with our self-identity and personal expression.

Pluto’s role in this full moon meet-up signifies that it’s time to look at ideas, actions, and mantras that no longer represent who we are.

Unfortunately, this change isn’t as simple as switching your wardrobe from hipster to boho chic, declaring that you’ve entered a new era. This change is about taking ownership of your ideas and talents and using them to create the life that you want.

The moon in Aries‘ motivation is passion. Take notice of the things you are doing and giving your energy to, if they don’t rouse passion – wake you up in the morning, keep you up at night, or push you to keep going then it may be time to let it go or transform it somehow.

Just like sorting through your closet, sorting through your life can take time.

Certain pieces hold emotional value, the bag you dreamed of and saved-up for months to buy or the top you wore when you met your sweetheart. Those items represent a piece of who you. It’s sweet and sentimental but the universe doesn’t have time for all of that, it’s ready for you to move forward now.

To help speed things along it’s bringing in unpredictable Uranus to shake things up while giving you a dose of universal wisdom and Mars who is impulsive and just wants to get going all ready!

Suddenly, you will begin to see that those old outdated pieces of yourself are taking up room that could be used for fresh ideas and new ventures.

It’s time to package them up like old clothes and set them on the curb with the rest of yesterday’s news. Don’t be surprised if new opportunities or unexpected knowledge falls into your lap to help you along.

Full Moons are a time of culmination and light – particular issues are illuminated clearly for us.

Aries is an initiator zodiac sign meaning it needs to take action, create things, and move around. The urge to move forward may make this full moon short lived or barely noticeable because you are busy being inspired, starting new projects, or physically moving around meeting people and making things happen. This could prove to be an exciting time in your life.

You aren’t becoming a completely new person but rather a better version of who you have always been.

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