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Glow With Luminosity On The Full Moon In Cancer, January 1st / 2nd 2018…


New York 9.24 pm on the 1st January / London 2.24 am on the 2nd January

The full moon peaks early in 2018, on the 1st or 2nd of January, depending where in the world you are. [ New York 9.24pm on the 1st January / London 2.24am on the 2nd January ]

The moon will be passing through the sign of Cancer – maternal, motherly and ultra-nurturing.

For those of us recovering from celebrations, the mood of this full moon will be a welcome moment of respite, soothing our busy bodies, minds and souls, which could well be over stimulated and over indulged with excitement and rich food…

The Astrology Of The Cancer Full Moon

Luna will peak at 11º of Cancer, opposite the sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

They will both harmoniously aspect Neptune at 11º of Pisces (which you can see in the image below – Neptune’s trident in the 5th house).

Sol and lune will also align with Mars, Jupiter, also passing through water sign Scorpio. This is quite the formation of feminine signs (earth and water), creating a beautiful kite in the skies.

Keep in the loop for how this affects your star sign in the Star Sign Style horoscopes, and remember the full moon is a time of heightened emotion and celebration!

With planets occupying all three water signs this full moon could be even moreso emo… An incredible time to get in touch with your subconscious sensitivities and intuition.

Honour the full moon in Cancer with the following beauty rituals.

1. Health Check

Massage Your Mammaries…

Cancer is the zodiac sign ruling over the stomach and breasts and with the full moon in Cancer shine a light on your boobs!

Check your chest for lumps and bumps with this helpful guide from National Breast Cancer.

2. Sleep Aid

Because, Beauty Sleep…

I love my beauty sleep. I love, love, love my beauty sleep!

And I get cranky if I don’t get enough shut-eye, and it’s bad for your beauty, dehydrating the skin, creating a dark circles and general puffiness.

It’s a scientific fact that the full moon interrupts the restfulness of our sleep-state so help your body attune to the moon with a relaxing bath, using lavender to soothe the senses.

This full moon in Cancer could be particularly emotional, bringing out our sensitivities because Cancer is the most feeling of all the zodiac signs. Ruled by the moon, Cancer is the zodiac’s homebody, and ultra sentimental. With this full moon in aspect to Neptune and two planets in Scorpio, our watery, emotional senses will be heightened.

Take that ritual bath and unwind.

3. Pearly Queen

Dust Yourself Down…

Pay homage to all crustaceous creatures with a dusting of translucent powder and pearly touches…

Cancer is the sign best suited to luminous looks, with clear, bright skin their calling card. This zodiac sign can literally look like the moon! So step out on this special full moon fair-a-face…

4. Nod To Nostalgia

Glam it up…

Cancerian Queen Paloma Faith Shows Us It’s A Winning Look…

The sign of memories and remembering, this full moon could throw up a blast from the past! Or make us nostalgic for home…

Dazzle in a beauty look that’s oh so retro and telephone your nearest and dearest family and friends. There’s nothing more beautiful that cherishing your loved ones.

5. Get Your Hair Did

It’s Time To Blow Out & Go Out…

Full Moons are time to celebrate as the lunar cycle comes to its exciting peak! It might have just been the biggest night of the year – new years eve – but save your celebrations for January 1st!

Toast a brand new year Stargazer, but don’t forget your waterproof mascara – you could get weepy…

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