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Full Moon | Summer Solstice!

full moon in sagittarius-summer-solstice

Full Moon In Sagittarius And Summer Solstice Horoscope

Monday 20th June 2016 is the longest day of the year and a full moon in Sagittarius.

Luna sits at the last degree of Sagittarius (29º) in opposition to the sun in Gemini before heading into Cancer season. With activity in the last degree (called the Anaretic Degree) it’s a powerful time for evaluation, yet this concluding moment also holds a sense of urgency, even haste or crisis.

Gemini and Sagittarius are the signs of the zodiac governing communication and higher thinking. Gemini is the master of words, early learning and connecting, while Sagittarius is concerned with further education, religion, beliefs and expansion of the mind beyond simple information.

During this full moon, culturally and politically we’re experiencing opposition; voting in or out, for or against. It’s as if Gemini season has gathered and offered us information, and within Sagittarius lies the potential for seeing and speaking our truth.

Every full moon offers a moment in the lunar cycle of maximum illumination, brightly spotlighting an area that’s bringing to fruition seeds and intentions planted six months before at new moon. It’s a great time to acknowledge and celebrate what’s evolved.

In addition to the Full Moon it’s the Summer Solstice.

Summer Solstice gives us the most amount of daylight, making available an incredible tool to see – we get extra light to see matters more clearly. Shine a bright light on a particular area and you’ll begin to examine it with an increased perception, noticing a lot more than when it was dimly lit…

Neptune recently began to appear retrograde, taking matters out of soft focus with a hard dose of reality courtesy of Saturn, who’s also hanging out in Sagittarius. This is one of the reasons everything feels so overwhelmingly hard right now.

This combination could be a very, very useful and poignant time for insight into what’s really going on – evaluating what has recently come to pass, in the greater collective and in our own lives.

Nevertheless, it’s time to celebrate!

Midsummer is a time of warmth and abundance; the crops are in the field but not yet ready to be gathered – we can indulge in rest.

The solar and lunar energies are related to sociability (Gemini, the energy that connects and communicates,) and truth: Sagittarius who philosophizes, has faith and thinks big.

Acknowledge matters about your personal circumstances equipped with information, and celebrate that knowledge with the faith to change or develop your truth.


You’re offered the chance to see your belief structure more clearly Aries. Your thinking faculties and faith dynamic is being highlighted and you can celebrate personal growth, and how far you’ve come in redefining your beliefs around education, spirituality, or even your definition of travel and adventure.


On this Full Moon, Taurus can celebrate their most intimate side, honoring a deep sense of shared resources with another being. Gemini season has put money matters front of mind and spotlighted your talents and contribution. Now you can acknowledge the headway made with financial commitments or an investment made with another, and your sense of place within the partnership.


The sun lights up your special qualities while the moon spotlights committed partnerships. Redefining relationships and setting personal boundaries are matters that have been high on your agenda with significant progress, which will now be clear to see. Acknowledge what you want in a significant other now, be it for marriage or business.


The full moon in Sagittarius spotlights work, and your health. Nearly Cancer Season, you’ve been in hibernation mode and are just awakening from your period of rest, which provides a reflective time to consider the good habits formed this year. You can clearly see how a structured daily routine benefits you. This includes diet, exercise and wellbeing, and also your rituals regularly practiced at work.


Take a really good look at how your passions are playing out Leo: the hobby, love affair, or a special project you’re devoted to – perhaps even your children. These matters are lit up by the moon, and there could be some pretty powerful revelations. Friendships and group interaction has been key over the past few weeks and could help you see the object of your affections in a true light.


You can celebrate the way you’ve been handling an incredibly busy phase at work balancing being out networking, whilst redefining your domestic set-up and personal life. A matter at home or with family is undergoing a restructuring phase that will be easy to see under this full moon. Truths could be highlighted further by your partner.


You’ve been learning and connecting in a certain area and this full moon could show you the progress you’ve made in structuring information, communicating and relating to those in close proximity. Gemini season has offered the chance to explore further afield, now it’s time to really understand your thoughts and beliefs, and perhaps even speak out at work on a matter that’s important to you.


The full moon shines brightly on money and your self-worth, while the sun shines the area of your chart that’s usually hidden, where deeper power and resources reside. With both these matters lit up it’s worth looking at how your energy and finances are directed and dispersed. Connect this theme to romance, creativity, your love interest or hobby and you might be seeing things very clearly. It’s a great moment to see if something (or someone) is worth investing more in or if they drain you.


A full moon in your own sign spotlights you and your special gifts: your honesty, faith and positivity. With the sun in Gemini, partnerships are also on the agenda and the moment is very much about capturing the essence of relationships, the give and take, acknowledging feedback and information from others. Family could also be bought into the picture – you’re seeing things a bit more clearly there, too. Celebrate and acknowledge your ability to cultivate personal boundaries with this full moon Sagittarius, at home and with your most significant others.


Sagittarius governs your hidden faculties Capricorn, your world of dreams and imagination it’s also a bit of a blind spot. The full moon is a great opportunity to see behind the curtain. The sun has been making his way through the area of your horoscope connected with service, routine and health, balanced with your intuitive faculties. If we take care of the mundane then the spiritual realm will benefit. Siblings, neighbors and community could support your realizations now.


This full moon reveals much about your circle of friends and social group. Acknowledge the strength in numbers and network of positivity surrounding you. You’re also able to see your talent and contribution very clearly now, what you add to the dynamic. Your personal creativity has flourished these past few weeks, possibly even romance and passions! You can understand the balance of personal and group endeavors with true clarity.


During the full moon you can really get perspective on your personal, public reputation and achievements, and the structure you’re building around career – celebrate and give yourself a pat on the back! The foundations of your security and ‘home’ is currently highlighted, providing you with valuable information and clarity around your place in the world.

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