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Full Moon In Scorpio

Share the astrology advice for the upcoming full moon in Scorpio…


A Full Moon In Scorpio appears bright in the sky April 22nd at 5.24 am GMT / Thursday 21st April 10.24 pm PT.

At this time there’s a powerful trine in the earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, signifying a grounded, practical moment in the cosmos.

Venus and Uranus combine forces in the sign of Aries adding a wild, exciting dynamism.

And it’s Scorpio’s role to shine a light in dark places…

I love this from Chani Nicholas:

This month’s full moon falls within the intense waters of Scorpio.

Scorpios shines in such paradoxes. Scorpio does not shy away from the horrors of life. Scorpio knows that to live everyday as preparation for our great demise, is to truly live. Scorpio knows that death can arrive at our doorstep at any moment, but until it steals our last breath we have every right to suck the marrow out the bone of this beast.

Scorpio Models Gemma Ward

Scorpio teaches us about what lives beneath. Beneath the facades. Beneath the shiny gloss. Beneath all we try to floss. Beneath the niceties and the need to please, lives within each of us a deep well of untamable, unsocialized, unruly emotional energy.

This full moon is asking us to make this conscious so that we can work with it rather than be used by it.

What area of the chart is the Scorpio full moon lighting up for you?


Eighth House Matters… Power Trippin, Sex & Money!



Seventh House Matters… Marriage, Partnership And One–to–Ones…


Sixth House Matters… Work, Health, Rituals of The Daily Kind.


Fifth House Matters… Creation, Recreation – Fun!


Fourth House Matters… Family, Home And Hearth…


Third House Matters…Siblings And Social Network – Communication & Community!


Second House Matters… Material Values And Self Worth…


First House Matters… You, Your Approach, Your SELF!


Twelfth House Matters… Dreams, Delusion and the Deep…


Eleventh House Matters… The Group, Peers, Friendships And Your Wider Circle.


Tenth House Matters… Career, Fame And Honours…


Ninth House Matters… Travel, Adventure, Learning, Higher Education!


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