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Full Moon In Taurus


On November 14th we welcome a super special and rare Full Moon – a Super Moon in the zodiac sign Taurus.

During a Super Moon the moon looks exceptionally large in the sky because it’s closer to the earth than a typical full moon. What makes this Super Moon even more special is that the moon is rarely this close to earth, as a matter of fact it won’t be this close again until November 2034. Get your camera ready!

Besides looking big and bright, the moon will also have a bigger impact on us from an astrological point of view.

With the moon being so close, we are sure to feel the urge of release (emotional and otherwise) that the full moon brings much more strongly. This Full Moon is full of opportunity for breakthroughs, creative vision, and strengthening our personal power.

Adding to the special qualities of this Full Moon is that the moon is in Taurus. In astrology, the moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning it’s in a very powerful position, its energy is strong.

It’s the similarities between the moon and Taurus that give it strength. Taurus is most concerned with nurturing, stimulating the physical senses, and creating security related to finances, home, and family – things that are also very important to the moon.

Taurus is the earthiest of the earth signs.

With an affinity for nature and the natural order of things, Taurus deals with creating things using natural resources and hard work. It relies heavily on the physical senses, touch, taste, sight, and sound. The element of nature between Taurus and the moon creates harmony.

When you mix earth (Taurus) with water (the moon) you get mud which is a nutrient rich substance that supports the growth of just about everything in nature.

The full moon represents culmination and completion.

The moon’s bright light spotlights what no longer serve us and where we need to release in order to successfully move into the next chapter.


A Taurus In Scorpio Season…

Under the influence of the Taurus full moon we’ll find ourselves cleaning up our foundation, pulling up weeds, cutting away dead branches, and removing anything that is restricting growth related to finances, career, love, and home.

The Taurus motto is “I Possess”; this zodiac sign’s goal is to own its heart’s desires.

Money is very important mainly because it buys the stability and comfort that makes Taurus (and all of us, under the influence of the Taurus moon,) feel emotionally secure.

During this time expect for realizations about how current or past behaviors and mindsets are limiting growth. Anything from bad spending habits, lack of saving, not utilizing resources, or experiences from your early life related to money and love (or lack of it) will rise to the surface of your consciousness and open you up to a deeper understanding on why you are participating in these unfulfilling activities and why you must stop.

The moon is getting strong support from Pluto, the planet dealing with death, transformation, and control. This support system will both intensify the need for security (emotional and tangible) and give us the tenacity to remove barriers keeping us stagnate. Since both the full moon and Pluto deal with final endings the changes you may very well be permanent.

Fresh ideas, creative vision, and even the urge to make radical changes will erupt over the next couple of weeks. Thankfully, structured Saturn plays a key role during this full moon connecting to several planets including Jupiter (luck and expansion), Pluto (transformation), and Uranus (unexpected change).

Saturn’s connections and influence will bring a needed dose of practicality and stability to any creative visions and major shifts. This influence will help us establish personal authority or help us move from underneath the control of someone else.

As your sense of empowerment grows be mindful of interactions with bosses or other authority figures. Your confidence maybe perceived as cockiness or your forward-thinking may not be a welcome change to everyone. Conversely, be prepared to experience unexpected shifts, good or unpleasant. There could be a job change, new rules put in place, or changes in a close relationship.

Taurus prefers consistency to change which could make accepting a transition or going with the flow somewhat difficult at first but remind yourself, everything that is taking place is working to amplify you in some way.

Although the full moon brings things to a close, this full moon holds opportunities for growth and
expansion – it is a Super Moon after all!

As we begin to clear away limitations we will also begin to crystalize opportunities. While I don’t suggest a full implementation of plans right now, definitely take advantage of opportunities or create some of your own.

This is a good time for planning, researching, setting up meetings, tweaking your resume, and dusting off your book of ideas. Get yourself mentally and emotionally prepared to be able to spring into action when the time comes.

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