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Blossom With The Full Moon In Taurus, November 4th 2017…


Let Your Bath Runneth Over…


This years full moon in Taurus falls Saturday, November 4th at 1:23am EST.

A Note About Tauro

The Taurean goddess as explained in the Shamanic school of thought is a courtesan, an expert at making men drool – literally, satisfying their hungers on all levels.

She loves to eat and drink the finest finds, therefore she’s a connoisseur; she has a sensitive touch and knows how to give a solid massage; she is au fait with all that is beautiful – art, ballet, design, and makes the best date to accompany a single gent to a gallery or dinner.

So, here are your 5 essential rituals for the supa-dupa full moon in Taurus, which can be indulgent and sensual. Leave your comments right at the end – I love reading your thoughts!

1. Celebrate Beauty

Become A MUA…

One of my most favourite rituals has to be putting on makeup.

I love the process of getting ready, at times more than the going out itself! With this beautiful full moon presents the opportunity to shine as your very own Make Up Artist extrodinnaire because Taurus is one of the two signs ruled by Venus, the most gorgeous planet of them all.

With an eye for beauty, the Venus ruled signs are particularly aligned with professions that are oriented towards the aesthetic – a curator, the beauty industry itself.


Sun In Taurus Beauties: Jessica Alba, Christina Hendricks, Adele And Anne Margret.

2. Bathe In Luxurious Oils

And Flowers…


Full Moon’s are a time of peak excitement, and can either prompt us to go out and party ourselves silly, or they can overwhelm, requiring a moment’s pause to assimilate the high emotional vibes.

A ritual bath full of gorgeous essential oils and fresh or dried flowers will make you swoon under the full moon…


Relax and embrace the good feelings.

3. Satisfy Your Senses

With Relish…


Smell good, feel great and eat well.

Yes, Taurus loves to eat! Have you met a Taurus? Even the moon in Tauro folk get hangry when they’re not sufficiently full.

Eating is a ritual I can get down with – take your friend for a special treat and savour every sweet morsel.

4. Count Your Blessings –

In Your Purse

The full moon is a time for us all to celebrate, and with Taurus as the backdrop to the illuminated moon we can look to the practical, material realms for clues on what to be thankful for.


A Chic Purse Fit For Tauro…

Think about honouring your love of things, your possessions in the home, meditate on the real world valuables around you and be comforted by their steadfast dependability – a solid wood table, a comfortable chair, a good pair of shoes…

5. Light A Pink Candle

And Turn Off Your Devices…

Pink candles hold a potent energy, fuelled with love and magic.

So many spells for beauty and love feature the use of a pink candle, you can simply meditate on its abundant radiance and pause.

Turn off all your phones, electric devices and be still in the full moon moment!

What the full moon means for your sign, coming soon…

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