Born in the last degree of Gemini, Lana Del Rey has her Sun in the sign of the Twins, just. Mars and Mercury were moving through the constellation Cancer when she was born and the moon was in Leo (see her birth chart below).

The gorgeous songbird has the beautiful trait of Venus rising in its home sign, Taurus. Seen as a blessing by many, it adds good looks and a touch of gracefulness to the nature of the individual.


An earth sign, the steady Bull suits natural touches, like flower prints and accessories. Lana’s often seen sporting a floral headband, and exudes bags of Venusian charm! The best colour for Tauro is pink


With Mars and Mercury in Cancer her zodiac style is very feminine, and like Taurus, Cancer loves cosy, comforting clothes. Lover of nostalgia, Cancer can wear retro styles and  the best colour for Cancerian people is white, which also suits Gemini, a signature colour for Del Rey.


Moon in Leo is highly creative, and comfortable putting on a show.

Lana Del Rey shares the same astrological positioning of Neptune as Lindsay Lohan, with the planet of dreamy disillusion sitting across from the Sun. Both stars have struggled with alcohol and this planetary placement can be a significator in the birth chart.

A Capricorn Midheaven gives off a serious, Saturnian vibe – the music we hear from this star can be quite sombre and grown up, almost melancholy…

Lana Del Rey’s Birth Chart

Lana-del-rey-astrology-birth-chartBorn 21st June, 1985 At 2.46am, New York City, USA

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