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Twins On The Ascendant – See Gemini Rising Celebrities…


The Twins On The Eastern Horizon At Birth…


Those with the Twins on the ascendant are talkative, curious and versatile and Gemini rising celebrities are often the ones that appear youthful and spirited – no matter their age. That goes for Sun, Moon and Venus in Gemini people too…

Friendly and flirtatious, they’re easily be bored. They’re a fun and interesting social butterfly that can be restless, so need a broad range of contacts to give them the stimulation they require.

Information and ideas are important as these are people that like to learn – about anything and everything. Often found questioning, they are the perpetual students of life that also like to teach others, or communicate an important message through writing (even songwriting). They also like to connect people and concepts.

Gemini is a mutable air sign so these people like to move flexibly in a lighthearted, playful style. They can be hard to pin down, a little detached but are ready conversationalists that adapts to any social group.

As one would expect, the twins can do two things at once. An expert multi-tasker they might juggle two jobs, two names (identities) or numbers!

Gemini Rising Appearance – Totally Tattooed!


Notice that today’s most tattooed stars are Gemini rising?

Think Pisces Rihanna, Aries stars Kristin Stewart and Lady Gaga, Scorpio Kelly Osbourne and the late Virgo songstress Amy Winehouse.

All these famous faces use ink as an expression of their Star Sign Style! Why? Messenger Mercury rules communication in any form, and the insuppressable nature of Gemini is to communicate any way they can. Usually people with lots of tattoos have Mercury strong in their chart – for these stars he literally rules over it!

Gemini Rising Celebrities…

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☆ Ann Margret ☆ Amy Adams ☆ Ann Miller ☆ Amy Winehouse ☆ Christina Applegate ☆ Christine Keeler ☆ Crystal RennDrew Barrymore ☆ Gina Lollobrigida ☆ Ginger Rogers ☆ Greta Garbo ☆ Heather Graham ☆ Julianne Moore ☆ Julie Newmar ☆ Kelly Osbourne ☆ Kristen Davis ☆Kristin Stewart ☆ Lady Gaga ☆ Loretta Young ☆ Michelle Pfeiffer ☆ Pamela Anderson ☆ Phyllis Diller ☆ Rihanna ☆ Rita Hayworth ☆ Sarah Jessica Parker ☆ Sarah Silverman ☆ Sandra Bullock ☆ Steffi Graf ☆ Sue Lyon ☆

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