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Glossier Moon Mask


The Moisturizing Moon Mask…

Is the Glossier moon mask any good?

It’s getting mixed reviews!

Here’s what two testers had to say…

Eek!!! I REALLY wanted to love this mask as much as I love Glossier’s Milky Jelly cleanser…but no. I have fairly normal, perhaps slightly dry, non-acne prone skin, and this product broke me out like crazy! I was so sad. It was bad, huge painful bumps. I’m still trying to recover. But, on the plus side, this has pretty much cured me of my Glossier fan-girl obsession.

And a positive spin…

I actually do like this a lot, it kind of had a whipped jelly consistency and feels so cool and nice especially after work. I use this in conjunction with either glossiers other mask or a lush mask. This helps to rehydrate my skin without leaving it greasy.

Try it yourself to find out if it works for you!

Pretty packaging has me tempted…

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