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Halloween Horoscope, Weekly Horoscope: October 29th – November 4th 2017

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Astrological Happenings (Universal Time)

Sunday 29th Moon into Pisces 11.46 pm

Wednesday (1st November) Moon into Aries 6.43 am

Friday 3rd Moon into Taurus 9.46 am,
Sun aligns with Neptune, Venus aligns with Saturn

Saturday 4th Full Moon in Taurus 5.23 am, Venus clashes with Uranus

This week is a busy one, with the thinning of the veil and Halloween, and a full moon in Taurus spicing up the weekend! Luna blooms at her cyclical peak at 5.23 am UT on Saturday the 4th – or Friday night East Coast, and if you’re celebrating Guy Fawkes over the weekend expect fireworks!


October 29th – November 4th, 2017


Sunday can be sociable but it’s a decidedly dreamy start to the week for Aries, as the stars align for reflection on the deep commitments ahead. Planets are gathered together in your bonding zone; a union or relationship is duly emphasized now.

On Friday night the full moon comes to fruition in the area of income, money and how you earn a living. Over the weekend you could find your independent spirit must acknowledge that sharing the load is an inevitable part of being human. Yes, you are one of the world’s Wonder Women but even you must lean on surrender to matters outside of your control, Ram.

Halloween Inspiration: Slip into suspenders and dominatrix get-up in private.




It’s a wonderful week to be seen in a glorious, enigmatic light, Gemini! The sun aligns with Neptune, which glows in your zone of fame, achievement and public honors. Lately, you’ve turned your attention to a work matter or project, and now the fruits of your labor are highly visible to others. Consider how you’d best like to come across.

Towards the weekend, sparks fly among your colleagues, peer group or social set. Take a step well back from the action and turn in early, as late on Friday night the moon comes to fruition in the dreamy, resting zone of your horoscope.

Halloween Inspiration: The dreamer – a starry-eyed goddess girl, loved by all.


The moon spends Monday and Tuesday in your adventure zone, emphasizing an optimistic mood of faith and fun, which helps you gain a sense of a broader journey you’re on. Life is presently delivering opportunities to be creative and to have fun that enhance the venture and all you’re learning. Think of what brings you ultimate pleasure, Cancer.

Home life sweetens your daily and work life towards the weekend, though there’s the potential for a restless atmosphere as your profile undergoes radical change. Seize the opportunity to celebrate a special community over the weekend, as the full moon lights up your social sector.

Halloween Inspiration: Doesn’t matter what you do or where you go – as long as it’s fun!


Halloween affords you great privacy. Take a moment on home turf to appreciate the opportunities now unfolding for stability, security and a sense of rootedness in your surroundings. Close partners help you gravitate more towards domestic life early in the week, leverage your intimate bonds.

Saturday’s full moon puts your professional path in the spotlight, so elevate your achievements of the past six months and let them shine! This is a wonderful time for recognition on a world stage, however sparks can fly within your inner circle, over the weekend. With such great emphasis now on your nest and those closest, do avoid overt boasting, Leo.

Halloween Inspiration: Entertain best friends in your special sanctuary, with a special partner.


Relationships are really on your mind as you begin the week, with a sense of romance and togetherness in your inner circle. Consider what you want most from others to move forward with your plans. There’s presently a growing emphasis on close friends and your primary connections, and special unions can enhance these ties – this week in particular.

An unexpected cost can occur into the weekend, perhaps connected to travel or another adventure you’ve embarked upon. Family or your sense of home and emotional stability are strong towards the weekend, yet the mood’s erratic with change or surprises possible.

Halloween Inspiration: Gather your best friends and lover for an intimate party.




Life continues to present plenty of action behind the scenes, as you wrap up the last chapter, ready to embrace new adventures now unfolding. Have fun – the moon spends Monday and Tuesday in your passionate zone of creativity, romance and self-expression! This is fabulous for All Hallows Eve, and you can enjoy a glamorous, amorous night of pleasure, marking the thinning of the veil.

On Friday the sun – now in Scorpio – syncs perfectly with Neptune, which allows you to reveal your kaleidoscope of enigmatic colors. Saturday sees the full moon peak in relationships, pointing to a heady week of heightened affections. However expect the unexpected in the love department on the weekend.

Halloween Inspiration: Hollywood bombshell shows you’re embracing your potential…




Close community and your inner circle are front and foremost this week, including friends and siblings, peers – even co-workers near and dear. There’s a huge emphasis on group work, a flourishing community or the extended circles you operate in. Communication and connection to all comes easily, so focus on the message you wish to share.

This is an awesome week to shine in public and be visible for your efforts, especially those accomplished out of sight. It’s likely you’ve restructured your life in admirable ways and can now own the shifts you’ve made happen. A creative project or romantic partnership gets airtime over the weekend.

Halloween Inspiration: Gather together your tribe for fun in a crowd. Sing! Your voice soothes others.


Begin the week confidently, Aquarius, as your position in the world is presently flourishing. Expansive Jupiter and the sun shine a torch on your career path and all that you express. Your work ambitions are now visible to others, and you can consider your worth and how you would most like to be compensated for your efforts.

The full moon peaks in your home zone, and a magnificent adventure gains stable footing towards the weekend, thanks to your community. Enjoy all that you’ve learnt with another by your side gravitating towards your sweet sanctuary or emotional center.

Halloween Inspiration: Step out and be seen on Halloween but head home for Friday night and into the weekend…


A wonderful journey is now unfolding, it’s a time when you can learn – and launch – so much! This week, reflect on the very personal connection you have to your adventure, On Monday the moon moves into your zodiac sign, bringing you all the feels: acknowledge the talents you have to offer on a much broader level.

On Friday your ruling planet aligns with the sun, spotlighting plans, and resources can become known. Supportive friends and lovers are on hand to fuel your flight! The weekend can bring news, as changes around your role and finances can arise out of the blue.

Halloween Inspiration: Dress for a mysterious venture in gypsy vibes, let others cross your palm with silver…

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