Stay In Or Get Loose?


Aries or Aries Rising

Let the music play out for your happy duo! And turn your thinking to deeply private matters – trust, loyalty, and your intimate needs. Let partners lead the way over Halloween, dress for the party but don’t steal the show. There’s much more fun to be had when you’re balanced. Trust deeply and fully. Ask Yourself – what do I need to happen to help take the next step into deeper waters? There’s a stillness and mystery in the air to help your quiet contemplation, to achieve true introspection.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

Adaptability wins – a change of course can inspire or shock you Tauro, depending on how you react to emotional ups and downs over Halloween. Your patient nature will help. Cultivate stabilizing, grounded vibes with a dash of seriousness to meet all your requirements. You’re close to your dreams; take a moment to bask in the gentle knowledge that you’re oh so near. Allow friends to help not hinder your progress, reach out to them. Find time in a crowd helps you regroup your senses; you can really appreciate others around you so slip seamlessly among your favourite crew. During Halloween share, and let others lead. Show you rely on people, it reflects your commitment to them.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

There’s an abundance of romance and fun in the air today but it might go unnoticed. The stars align for ultimate productivity today Gemini – make time for smiles though you’ve lots to do. You’re given the opportunity to think about your health goals, work and schedule. Consider who you’d like to have on team Gemini; your imagination is rich and your intentions can become serious today. You’re skilled in casting the net wide, however don’t spread yourself too thinly. Aim towards healthy habits over Halloween and beyond. What does optimum wellness look like? Allow trusted confidants help you set goals.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

It’s home sweet home making you happy over Halloween, with this area of life in an ever increasing circle now, it’s becoming a bigger and bigger focus. Bring it closer, hold it tight. Your imagination is free to roam to the realms of creativity and fun over the weekend Cancer, you can also achieve volumes with a little discipline. You can wish for romance or a passion project with the new moon, be open to a fresh outlook on the thing you love most. A wonderful spell is promised with new beginnings for your hearts desire…

Leo or Leo Rising

Connect with your friendship circle Leo, and the new people that have entered your world. Say yes to outings – you don’t have to travel far to satisfy your curiosity; your new found friends admire this dextrous approach. Perhaps you’ll host a Halloween party and take the food and decorations very seriously! You can achieve fresh starts with family and home matters so think about how you’d like to improve your foundations. The stars align so that you can give back over Halloween – and your gifts are more helpful than you know.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

You’re smart and mentally agile Virgo, consider how you can build your connections, now and forevermore. Reset the dial on interactions with your immediate surroundings, how you relate to your community and closest companions. It may be extra difficult to quiet the mind this weekend but give yourself time to think, step out into the closest community you know – a friend, sibling or coworker helps when you’re struggling, and the opportunity presents itself for some stellar Halloween networking. The world is on your doorstep, spread your message.

New Moons, A Time To Contemplate…

Libra or Libra Rising

It’s a highly emotional time for all and you could be the one holding it together Libra. Fresh starts can be made in your material world, consider the potential now for finances, income, and the material; you may just see what you want for appear in the future so be careful what you wish for! There’s renewed hope on Monday and the week starts with a refreshed tone. The atmosphere’s still thrilling but there’s calm after the storm.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

Dream away the hours and imagine the possibilities ahead, a new moon in your sign doesn’t come along often Scorpio, so consider your best-case scenario for your very own fresh start. This is a new beginning that’s extra powerful for your personal ventures so think big. Take time just for you over Halloween and prioritize a moment of still. Life could feel easier from Monday, when many eyes are on you, however it’s possible to go unnoticed if you’d rather hide. Don’t forget your shades.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Rather than a wild party, Halloween weekend is better spent in tranquility. You could even be inclined to invest in ‘me-time’ and totally retreat. There’s great relief in friendship, and your tribe pulls through for you. Think ahead to future plans; there’s fertile, supportive ground to plant seeds of intention into next year and beyond with this new moon Sagittarius. You’re due a huge adventure. Set goals for success. Share you secret wishes with a close female friend or simply write down what you’d love most.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

Your place is among friends over Halloween so be sure to connect with a crowd of likeminded people who make you think, and dream. Take a moment to imagine how your place among peers can grow in the future. Reset your agenda on group matters and the people you surround yourself with; if you’d like more connections. Imagine the possibilities freely. Perhaps your new best friends are by your side. There can be fresh starts in friendships over Halloween weekend and you could even find yourself among a different crowd, perhaps championing a new cause.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

Plan your adventures over Halloween, in between honouring your work commitments – fit travel or learning in with your long-term goals. You’re in a phase where broadening your horizons is key so harness inspiration and higher thinking. Do write down your career intentions or how you’d best like to be seen in the public eye. Monday brings a highly sensitive start to the week, many people could be feeling more emotional than usual and you can offer support as the cool, calm zodiac sign. Your friendly demeanour is helpful when energy’s flagging.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Balanced works for you over Halloween Pisces, so go with moderation. It’s an excellent time to dream into the future – consider plans with room for two. Thinking is clear and highly imaginative, perhaps you can sense the journey unfolding. Take a moment’s pause, fine-tune your thinking and new moon wishes. On Monday you can begin the new week with a sense of calm, sure and steady footing. Goals, thinking and personal approach are beautifully aligned so do draw the attention to you Pisces. It’s a wonderful day to foster your sense of self and identity. Advance your plans for a personal quest on Halloween, and involve your supportive friends.

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