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Hold The Phone – Mercury Retrograde Horoscope’s Are Here…

Hold the phone! Mercury is retrograde.

Your horoscope below – read for both sun and rising sign.

Plus! Important dates:–

  • August 9th, gives a greater focus on the retrograde issues
  • August 11th, gives you opportunist to reset the dial
  • August 19th, Mercury Direct.


Your playful sense of creativity and expression is the focus of this Mercury Retrograde, with your own hobbies and interests taking centre stage. This might mean you’re inclined to reignite passion projects, solo ventures your romantic ideas, and the things that light you up, Aries! It’s a divine time to indulge yourself in what you enjoy most – think of the things you do primarily for your own pleasure and expect a little to and fro.


Home life, your domestic and emotional world, or some element around your family or lineage could be in flux because of this Mercury Retrograde. Perhaps a property matter is experiencing delays, or situation involving ties to those closest is turning into a drawn out saga. It’s important to maintain a sense of self-care and nurturing instincts during this time, as it’s all too easy to forget tend to your needs. Don’t neglect your nest.


Curiosity killed the cat but the cat has nine lives, so you might want to continue on, Gemini. It’s a time to explore your connections with colleagues and co-workers, peers and playmates thoroughly. You could find you’re revisiting or waiting on an important conversation pertaining to – or involving – someone from your close-knit circle. As one of the signs that’s super sensitive to Mercury, note August 9th is a day when your focus is resolute.


For you, Crabcake, Mercury Retrograde allows you to re-strategize your income. Ways of making money and earnings are on your mind, and with this planetary focus you can revisit ideas around your position and role that delivers. You might also find you’re very generally looking at savings and spending, and your personal pot of gold. Consider how you contribute, and the position you occupy that makes you feel good. It’s important you enjoy what you do.


It can be confusing knowing what we want, and Mercury Retrograde could be throwing you off, with delays and extra care needed in your personal outlook, Leo. There’s extra clarity for you on the 9th and no shame in feeling like you haven’t got it all figured out just yet. Avoid overcommitting yourself and enjoy focusing on number one. Not a good time to make major, irreversible changes to the way you look.


Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde in the sleepy, dreamy realms of your horoscope, which could be overwhelming and tiresome, Virgo. If you are feeling particularly out of sorts, now you have an explanation! It’s a particularly poignant time for transitions, incubation and closing the door on the past, so give yourself all the time you need.


It’s a sociable time for Libra to network and make her mark among peers, colleagues and wider circles of influence, and yet with Mercury Retrograde you could find there’s a hold up in your social set or scene. Projects could take a unexpected turn or relations among friends could need a little extra care now. Avoid gossip and overdramatizing at all costs.


It’s possible to re-establish your profile, and who you are in public spaces, Scorpio, with Mercury Retrograde in your career and professional outlook zone. You may experience delays around projects connected to your ambitious streak. Be prepared to have patience when it comes to seeing your name in lights, and your place on the ladder, realized.


If you’re keen to pursue a life a little further afield, or get started on a new course of action, or follow a new school of thought or begin an important journey use a pause, Sagittarius. Mercury is Retrograde in the area of your horoscope that makes dreams and ventures happen, and you may need patience before setting sail.


Property, tax, financial issues, contracts and even family or relationships could be under the radar of Mercury Retrograde, this time round, Capricorn. Expect potential delays or drawn out exchanges. This cycle could also point out trust issues between you and bae; don’t let suspicious minds take over, with Mercury in the most private and probing zone of your horoscope.


Exchanges within your closest partnerships are the focus of this Mercury Retrograde, with emphasis on one-to-one relations. It might not necessarily be your marriage partner, lover or business partner that’s on your mind, however it’s possible you’ll experience an increase in complications in conversations with important persons – whoever they may be. Take time to reflect and anticipate sentiments expressed could come back around.


Ways of working, your job, everyday routine and schedule are in the spotlight, Pisces. With Mercury Retrograde you could experience delays and confusion in the most habitual tasks. Conversations with a colleague or someone you see at work, or a person in your professional environment could experience an exchange that needs to be refined.

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