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Interview With An Astrology – Master Ma Reveals All…

Kimberly Meets… Master Ma


One of the top astrologers in China, Master Edwin Ma Lai-wah (Master Ma) has penned articles for the international press and produces regular horoscopes for ELLE Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post and

As you’d expect, he’s usually busy writing but I was thrilled that he took time out to talk to me for, discussing forecasting and feng shui – what a treat!

I visited Master Ma at his temple, Tin Hau in Tai Po, a half hours drive from central Hong Kong.

Local people come and go to pray and make offerings, and freshly lit coils of incense are suspended above our heads in giant spirals, dangling from the ceiling in an impressive display (check out the short video clip below).

Master Ma is friendly and charming, with a remarkable clean energy about him. I must say, what a nice man!

It was no surprise then, to learn that he was chosen by the instincts of a Grand Master, and based on his good character was offered a chance to study the art of face reading or physiognomy, followed by feng shui and astrology, including art of forecasting. Now a renowned consultant for major companies, he reflects on his luck with me, and is genuinely grateful for the opportunities life has sent his way.

From his first love, which was metaphysics, to the varied subjects he practices now, including I Ching and Tao, Master Ma has amassed an incredible knowledge base to draw upon.

So, What Could He Tell Me About His Horoscopes?

As I’m learning more and more on my astrology adventures, Eastern culture differs greatly from the West, and that includes forecasting techniques in Chinese astrology. It’s common knowledge that the Chinese zodiac is based on planet Jupiter and follows the lunar calendar, versus the ‘star signs’ that we know, which are based on the Sun and its monthly transits through the constellations (Aries through to Pisces).

It would seem that monthly predictions are made using a series of algorithms, with a multitude of Chinese characters producing millions of combinations, which determine the mood of the week or month, for each zodiac sign. Without the benefit of a translator to guide us, I was relieved to leave this complex method to him! Writing horoscopes in the Western way is enough to contend with, for now, and Master Ma assured me that you’d need a high level of Cantonese to make headway. Maybe one day though.

Reflecting the school of thought of all the astrologers I know, Master Ma stresses that horoscopes are just for light reference. They are small pieces of advice that are far from personal, which is why it’s always best to refer to an astrologer on a one-to-one basis for any solid predictions, timings or elections.

Aside from astrology, feng shui is the area where Master Ma excels, consulting individuals and big businesses, advising people the world over on their annual fortunes.

As someone who has pored over feng shui books in the past, I was keen to know more.

I was under the impression that there are some general rules to follow in feng shui, for example, put a plant (representing wood) near the toilet in your home, to balance the water energies in this area.

It’s not the case!

Master Ma says it’s far more complex than modern, Western literature would have us think, and there’s not really a DIY solution. For the loo, it’s important to consider things like the direction of water flow, and compasses aren’t always reliable tools given external influences, like magnetic fields… I’d also read that you can place icons for protection outside the front door, but again there are animals and directions of flow to consider too!

He prefers to give his clients based in America, Egypt and Europe incredibly simple instructions to follow year on year, however for a full on reading he visits a building in person. From our chat I’d strongly advise that anyone who’s looking to feng shui their home should really ask an expert, according to Master Ma, this is someone who has learned from a Grand Master, because at worst you could end up doing more harm than good!

So, What Kind Of People Consult Master Ma?


“Usually, those that visit are enjoying a prosperous time in their life”, he said. “They’re doing well and want to conserve their good luck. If people are struggling they’re not looking to him for answers, but when people earn money they tend to be concerned they might loose it.”

I can assure you that if I were buying a house, I’d have hired Master Ma on the spot to do a once over! But alas, it’ll be a few years yet before this Moon in Sagittarius finds a nest… Until then Master Ma!

You can read Master Ma’s Chinese horoscopes at or via (Hong Kong) the South China Morning Post website, in ‘Lifestyle’.

For more information on his services visit or email

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