Easy Peasy to remember, the new moon in Cancer falls July 4th! Set aside time to makes wishes…

July Horoscopes…



Good news for Aries, your planetary ruler Mars is no longer retrograde!

July will feel waaay easier for you – you’re back to your usual pace and able to progress, especially in matters concerning outside resources or investment that you’ve been waiting on…

Cancer season represents home and family matters for the Rams.

You can focus on your domestic surrounds early in July and on the 4th set intentions around your ideal foundations.

Ask yourself what your dream living situation feels like? Create a Pinterest board about this space. Write down your wishes

The full moon on July 19th signals a time of powerful recognition for you Miss Aries. Represent.



All systems go for Tauro – July is busy-busy-busy for the Bulls.

It’s your best time of year to network. Connect with friends and siblings, talk it out with the girls, especially, and get out and about among your neighbours and the community that’s right on your doorstep.

Traditionally we like to get out of town in the summer months but it’s a lucky time for you to focus on the people in close quarters.

If you’re looking for a key contact you can invite them into your circle on the 4th. This could be a powerful mentor or figure that’s supportive – see them appear on the 19th!



It’s money month for the twins.

As your thoughts turn to finances, maintain a positive frame of mind. If you’re due a raise at work do gently suggest it on the 4th, or imagine ways that additional resources can flow your way.

There may be power struggles when it comes to investments but stick to your guns and know your worth – your talents and contribution is clear for all to see and you’ve put in extra graft – payback is due!

Feel your pockets getting fatter



Ooooooo la la Cancer!

You’re looking beauteous and divine – the sun and Venus are in your sign gracing you with a very special allure…

Set personal wishes on July 4th as the new moon appears in your sign – this month is all about YOU!

It’s a special moment to draw boundaries around yourself when it comes to powerful figures; time to really own your personal space.

Relationships are looming large but this moment’s all about your agenda.



Dreamy lion!

You can rest up for the first few weeks of July – officially take time to relax and pamper before you take centre stage for Leo season (you know you want to dazzle during birthday month, show off!)

You’re looking sensational a little early in fact. From July 12th Venus graces your sign so take time to pamper and preen, even if you’re indulging in your boudoir and inner sanctum.

Praise be for you on July 19th – look for appreciation as the world gives you a pat on the back for a job well done!



Yay for the Virgo’s of the zodiac – this month is so sociable!

You’re given space to play in the sand with friends, do get out mix with your tribe. If you’re looking for a fun group to hang with then imagine what that looks like.

July 4th is a powerful moment for you to create a circle of strong, nurturing types about you!



Cancer season is all about your public persona, Libra.

How do you want to be perceived at work? What are the honours you’d like bestowed upon your reputation and how does the world view you?

These are all questions to reflect on July 4th, when new opportunities can be incubated in the realm of fame, as the stars light up how you come across in the world.

Set up career goals and see yourself smash them in the next 6 months.



Wow to opportunities Scorpio!

It’s time to book that trip overseas you’ve been meaning to take, sign up to the language exchange (ciao sexy!) or step into a new adventure…

July 4th and indeed Cancer season in general holds the chance for mind-blowing expansion on all horizons.

Consider where you’d like to go, what you’d most like to learn and where trip could take you! The possibilities are boundless.



Finances are spotlighted for Sagittarius throughout July.

It’s a powerful time to manifest money and investment from outside sources! Family might help some too…

You can really get to grips with the power other people hold and make headway paying down any debts.

You have a lot of weight in your corner, realise your own value and speak what you want out loud on July 4th.

Ask and it shall be given… But you gotta ask!




Reset the agenda on your personal relations this month Capricorn – your significant others are in the spotlight.

Time to set aside your own agenda and now look beyond the mirror – to those closest to you.

A power dynamic could be at play, so it’s time to think about what you really want from a partner.

July 4th holds all the magic in the stars to realign your wishes when it comes to what you see in that special someone – supportive, sensual or serene, the choice is yours!

Write down a wish list for maximum impact.



Aquarius is the busiest bee of the zodiac in July, as a flurry of activities keep you occupied.

You’ve a list of to-do’s, commitments and obligations to fill three calendars but you’ll manage just fine!

Use the new moon on July 4th to set intentions around your schedule, in particular how you’d like to experience a ‘perfect day’. What are the rituals that would make you feel serene and blissed out?

What’s the routine you’d like to stick to? Incorporate health, wellness, exercise and your day job – there’s room for it all!

Finances get back on track this month, start to wind down your repayment schedule before the end of July.



It’s the best time of the year for the fish to unleash their romantic tendencies – July can be hot with passionate kisses and fun!

Since the end of last summer your personal relationships have expanded your horizons; special people have held a significant spot in your world.

Now it’s time to enjoy the best bits of coupledom – bear hugs and snogs!

Work responsibilities loom large but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the party.

Still looking for Mr Right?

Close your eyes on 4th July and don’t be surprised if you meet him before the month is out

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