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June 2017 – Your Monthly Horoscope

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Many will find comfort and relief in June. The weeks ahead are sweetly colored with graciousness and a sense of calm. There’s light, sprightly curiosity too, plus the instinct to nurture and protect.

A romantic full moon early on the 9th (9.10 am EST) marks a turning point. Not only does Luna spotlight sure and steady efforts of these past six months, the next day ‘lucky Jupiter’ begins a delightful dance across the sky, reigniting interests and plans laid dormant since February.

Summer solstice (on the 21st) sees momentum gather in the most homely area of the zodiac – it’s a perfect time to bring about fresh starts, not only among those you consider family but towards far reaching communities – use utmost sensitivity, compassion and care, drawing loved ones close.

Aries or Aries Rising

It’s a great time to study, develop your knowledge or reach out to likeminded peers. There’s presently emphasis on domestic life, too, so you might like to brush up your skills or meet local connections on home turf!

The focus on your nest is heightened from the 21st, when you can consider a deep spring clean – refresh your space and your emotional foundations at months end, Aries.

The 9th puts your journey in full view, revealing how far you’ve come; growth in relationships is promised from the 10th, giving you license to welcome in new partnerships or develop existing unions further.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

You’re back on solid ground from the 6th, Taurus, as Venus makes her debut in your zodiac sign. As your planetary ruler this is a significant time spelling relief from a period of closure and possibly confusion. Use the weeks ahead to socialize and bond with your closest circle of friends; the 9th is a particularly good day that highlights intimate, and perhaps even sacred bonds.

This is a month that favors short trips, travel and all kinds of connection; step outside and pick up new interests – you can even make resolutions to embark on different skillsets towards the end of the month, when you’re curious to learn.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

There’s a slow start to June but from the 7th you’ll fly back into action, a powerhouse to behold. All month long you’ve good vibrations driving ahead your earning potential, and from the 21st your values, valuables and money’s in the spotlight. Refresh material goals towards month end, thinking what you want.

On the 9th, a full moon illuminates partnerships, in particular, the support you need from others. Reveal your boundaries – some things are non-negotiable, and with your expectations on the table you’re freed up to have fun! From the 10th there’s a big turnaround, as those things that bring you pleasure have a green light to Go!

Cancer or Cancer Rising

For much of the month you can take yourself offline. The sun is hanging back in your closure zone, so until June 21st you’re wise to focus on bringing finality to past projects and old relationships.

You will be feeling energized however, with projects behind the scenes and at home most benefitting from your drive – growth resumes in domestic sphere on the 10th.

A sense of renewal comes towards the end of the month; around the 23rd you’ve a fresh start available around how you present yourself and personal goals for the months ahead, something to mull over this month, particularly around the 9th.

Leo or Leo Rising

Enjoy success in June, gleaning rewards from your latest efforts, however don’t get too caught up in the action. Energy’s set to wane from the 5th and while you’re in a terrific cycle to network and connect exert yourself wisely. Reach out but be selective about social engagements.

Talents you’ve worked hard to cultivate are on show around the 9th; from the 10th you’re inclined to gravitate back to a close-knit crew who’ll help you grow your skills.

From the 21st you’ll want to go off the grid entirely, working on projects from behind the scenes. Spend time rejuvenating, finding new ways to heal.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

For the first week of June enjoy a sense of freedom and adventure – it’s a wonderful month to travel so research exotic destinations! The 9th steers emphasis towards home and domestic life, spotlighting your efforts to bring about firm foundations.

It’s likely you’ve recently made headway in your professional path and from the 7th you’ll step into a position of confidence and expertise in your public role – it gets even better from the 10th. You’ll be particularly visible in social circles, meeting those that count while expanding your network. Towards the 23rd you can welcome in a brand new crew of friends and supporters.

Libra or Libra Rising

Relationships of all descriptions will settle down in June – after the 6th there’s opportunity to settle into your joint interests, deepening the sense of loyalty and trust.

This sense of stability bodes well for personal ventures, which are gaining momentum. Around June 9th your skillset – and efforts towards learning – are emphasized, and thereafter you’ll experience a welcome growth spurt in a project fully owned by you.

It’s certainly a month with the stamina for progressing ambitiously. There’s full focus on your public profile and position from the 21st, an ideal time to setout goals for the path that lies ahead – they’ve a potent charge.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

It’s a fine time to deepen your relationships with others but similarly wanderlust whets your appetite in June. The weeks ahead emphasize a project or plan that calls you. You’ll turn towards it more thoroughly on the 21st, however in the meantime you consider your path, and hotly anticipate the adventure that’s beckoning.

Contribution is a key theme this month with your earnings and pooled resources on the table. The 9th reveals the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate, while all month you can go from strength to strength in joint ventures. Progress behind the scenes resumes mid-month, you’ll be ready to launch towards your birthday!

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Your connection with others is heightened in June with an emphasis on partnerships, including love, business and friendship. Key figures in your world become more significant, with a deepening sense of trust, loyalty and investment unfolding in weeks ahead.

You can take unions to a whole new level, sharing space, assets or committing to the collaboration. Refresh your ideals for the agreement towards the 23rd, when you’ve the opportunity to begin again.

The 9th and 10th are significant for Sagittarius, spotlighting your hard work and allowing growth to resume in your social circle; plan friendly conversations on the 13th, when rapport comes easily.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

The full moon on the 9th illuminates unseen activities – perhaps what you’ve been processing behind closed doors. This moment spotlights a huge cycle of closure, so be proud of your efforts.

This is a hugely busy time for Sea Goats, with dedicated efforts due to pay off in the months ahead. Your career will yet again experience growth, with wind behind your sails from the 10th.

There’s focus on partnerships and a dynamic excitement to your exchanges in June. Bring about fresh starts in collaborations across business, love and all significant unions at months end – it’s all you can think about from the 21st!

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

You’re at liberty to focus on enjoyment, and all the things that bring you pleasure in the weeks ahead Aquarius. Favored hobbies, cherished interests and your creative expression can be roused – not to mention romance!

Social structure is illuminated on the 9th and revelations can occur in a crowd, helping you to acknowledge and appreciate the network you’ve cultivated. Thereafter you’ve a green light on big plans! The months ahead are fuelled with adventure as you gracefully expand your horizons.

On the 21st your focus switches to work, and you can bring about fresh starts across you daily habits, routine and rituals.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Home, and the deepening of commitments is pertinent in June. Consider what helps you feel secure, as family, domestic life and the emotional realms are explored.

On June 9th the full moon spotlights developments made professionally or publicly and thereafter a close partnership, private affair or agreement is emphasized. There’s growth ahead, which breeds trust and loyalty between you two.

This month is also full of fun! Awaken your senses – there’s plenty opportunity to express yourself. Connect with friends, a lover or bounce creative ideas around with peers. From the 21st your full attention turns to enjoyment and pleasure, define what that means to you.

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