Moving forward… Jupiter appears direct! No more retrograde for our planet of luck and abundance, get those gifts.


Lucky Lucky, You’re So Lucky!


Been feeling a little stuck?

Hold your horses no longer! Let them bolt from the stables, Lady Luck is here in the way of the stars…

Jupiter planet of bounty and abundance is going direct on the 10th June!

Why Make Such A Song And Dance About It??!!

Because this is a super-super special day…

On June 10th the sun and Mercury in Gemini align well with jolly Jupiter. This is just wonderful to get your projects moving yet again with a dose of lucky and prosperity!

Wear This…


So, what does it mean for you?


An apple a day…

Healthy eating, the gym, the day job and the ritualistic side of life can resume normality for the Rams.

Last year you kicked it up a notch where health was concerned, vowing to drink more green juice, go Vegan, be on time at work and generally sticking to your routine.

Retrograde Jupiter might have put a halt on progress but you now have the opportunity to push ahead once more – Jupiter is sitting pretty in the area of your horoscope governing wellness, the daily graft and all things service-oriented.

With the forward motion you should be more easily able to get your bottom into the gym, make diet a priority and action positive change!

Go Aries!


Hello young lovers…

Taurus has bountiful Jupiter bestowing romantic gifts on her horns – lucky-lucky-lucky in LOVE!

It’s time for your love life to progress again. Since last year, your creative prowess and love life have been on fire but might have stalled a little while Jupiter decided to appear retrograde.

Sex, passion, creative juices, kids, crafting and performance are all highlighted for you Taurus.

Now, expect romance to be back on the cards from the 10th May and jump back on the saddle (and into bed…!)


There’s no place like home…

And procrastinate no more the Twins!

Life on the home front is about to ease up – decisions around domesticity and where you’re living will cease to bemuse you.

Perhaps there’s been an issue around your abode that’s felt a little stuck, some matter concerning your address or moving.

Expect normality to resume and home-life to progress again. You may DIY and decorate till hearts content – and shop for bargains for the home *lucky score*!


So call me maybe?

Social networks will begin to bloom and flourish!

This past year has been a good time for building a web of contacts to support your personal mission and you might have felt frustrated in this area while Jupiter appeared retro.

Now, the phone will be answered, emails will be returned and you’ll connect with your clan.

Siblings, short journeys and schooling have all been highlighted for Crabs – tally ho and on you trot.


Show me the money…

The universe is about to send you a sign – you are loved Leo!

Your self worth and personal contribution has been on standby for a little time but be prepared to roar once again.

Money matters will begin to work themselves out and you can expect a cheque in the mail. It’s all about your personal values now and how you earn spondoolah.

Enjoy the lucky streak around your earnings!


Restart the engine.

Your adventure is about to begin again Miss Virgo! If you’ve been feeling a wee bit confused as to why you’re stuck in the mud then fear no more.

You’re being blessed with one of the luckiest astrological experiences going, consider your fairy godmother by your side!

Once every twelve years we’re visited by lady Luck and now she’s sitting with our Virgo sisters, which is why since last summer you’ve been everywhere, like Virgo Beyonce!

Plant seeds of bounty while you’ve this lovely, blessed transit to your sign.



When you wish upon a star…

Your dreams will start to unfold yet again Miss Libra.

Jupiter is moving through the area of private dreams in your horoscope and with a forward thrust you can achieve progress towards your special project.

Prepare to get giddy as from September 9th Jupiter’s in your sign!

That means a stretch of bounty and favour for Libra, special gifts and the opportunity to really broaden your horizons.

If you’ve not got something special in the pipeline dream it up now!


Get along gang!

You’re at one with the club and your tribe, yeh!

Group activities will move ahead, with Jupiter in the area of peers and friendships, so you can tie up matters with your circle.

You might have been making significant bonds over the past twelve months and might now receive a signal from the universe to show you your special place within the friendship folds.

You might be group leader of a really cool clan! Awesome!


Fame – I wanna live forever…

Career matters can progress!

This past year might have been mega for your personal profile, with Jupiter in the area of your horoscope governing fame and honours.

You can spread a large message on social platforms and enjoy a spate of success from May 10th – people will hear you loud and clear!

Shout it from the rooftops and prepare for a raise in your profile.

The girl did good! Let ’em know so…


Capricorn has been on a long distance marathon lately, and the journey’s about to become a bit easier!

Jupiter has been hanging out in your horoscope where the learning’s really done – this is the area of foreign travel, higher education, philosophy and spiritual growth.

Travel plans or learning can be pursued once again, perhaps rounded off in these next few months or will become easier.

Significant learning experiences are possible – you’ve come a long way baby.


Your money situation is about to kick back into action Aquarius.

Taxes and bills, bills, bills will again see the force of your attention and your present circumstances around finances will become much easier!

Jupiter’s rolled around your money and power house in the horoscope, I hope you’ve enjoyed paying down the debt and getting your accounts in order.

Not only has he restored order to your bank balance he’s also delivered you a sense of power and control, if you’ve been paying attention that is!

If not, use the summer months to harness the gifts of the big, bountiful planet!


There’s been a stop-start scenario around your significant relationships Pisces – what is up with that??!!

Fear n’more, as Jupiter is going to roll on ahead and partnerships will be smoother sailing.

Sunny seas ahead!

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