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Looking Ahead: Jupiter In Sagittarius!

Welcoming a year of prosperity for the archer's, with lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius' Sign...

Jupiter In Sagittarius

Jupiter moved on from Scorpio’s watery, emotional realms and into the passionate, adventurous territory of Sagittarius on November 8th!

Lets look at the important things to note…

Jupiter In Scorpio

We’re waving goodbye to Scorpio’s reign as the sign in Jupiter’s spotlight, after 13 months of emphasis on the Scorpion – read more about Jupiter in Scorpio, here.

Scorpionic Snake Motifs At Gucci…

Interestingly, Jupiter departs this sign just after the new moon in Scorpio, and the transition of the planet between Scorpio and Sagittarius will also involve Mercury Retrograde in those two signs too. See dates below…

Venus lingers in Scorpio throughout December, giving us a slow start to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Mars in Pisces (alongside Neptune) doesn’t let up on our planet of growth, either, presenting a clash during the new moon in Sagittarius December 7th.

Jupiter In Sagittarius

While Jupiter sails through Sagittarius expect global awareness to focus more towards travel, education, international relations, and overseas matters. Britain will leave the European Union on March 29th 2019, which will be big news, and there could even be a boom for the travel industry.

Prada Says “Sagittarius”…

Green travel and solo travel could be buzz words, tying in the last influence of Uranus in Aries.

International affairs will also be pertinent – Dolce & Gabbana have already made a massive blunder in offending the whole of China, during Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius, which has cost them dearly.

Sagittarius Nicky Minaj also got called out to perform at a ‘fake’ concert in China, which she refused to perform.

Significant Dates

  • Jupiter in Scorpio – October 11th 2017 to November 7th 2018
  • New Moon in Scorpio – November 7th at 4.02 pm (Universal Time / GMT) 15º
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius – November 8th 2018 at 12.39 pm (Universal Time / GMT) to December 2nd 2019
  • Sun in Sagittarius meets Jupiter – November 25th 2018
  • Mercury Retrograde meets Jupiter November 27th 2018 at 4º
  • Mercury Direct meets Jupiter December 21st 2018 at 9º
  • Venus in Sagittarius meets Jupiter – January 21st 2019
  • Jupiter enters its shadow period January 13th 2019
  • Jupiter Retrograde (24º21) April 11th 2019 – August 12th 2019 (14º30)
  • Jupiter out of shadow November 7th 2019
  • Jupiter enters CAPRICORN December 3rd 2019.

I also think it’s worth mentioning the new moon in Aquarius (with Mercury) on February 4th 2019, which will align with Jupiter, and widely align with Mars and Uranus (heading into a conjunction).

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