Dita Von Teese – Sun In Libra

The world’s most popular pin-up today, Dita’s a seriously sassy star!

But what’s her Star Sign Style?

Dita’s Star Sign Style!

Sun In LibraMoon In GeminiVenus In LeoScorpio Rising

dita-von-teese-moonDita is alway so subdued and introvert on the red carpet – she always looks gorgeous but quietly so – that’s her Scorpio Rising, which is seductive yet intensely private. This is a sign of transformation and if you look at her ‘before’ pictures, you’ll see that Von Teese is a bit of a butterfly, changing not only her look but her body too.

Venus In Leo means she’s not afraid to add touches of seriously dramatic flair to her look – that includes leopard print! Moon In Gemini keeps her interested, dextrous and like a young bird…

Sun In Libra is the sign that rules beauty and fashion, so modelling is a perfect vocation for this star…

Moon In Gemini – Nail It!


Dita’s Birth Chart


Born 28th September, 1972 In Rochester, Missouri.

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