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Kate Winslet – Venus In Virgo But A Whole Lotta Libra!

Born on the 5th of October, 1975, Kate Elizabeth Winslet is an award winning English actress.

She’s starred in a number of acclaimed dramas and comedies, and gained worldwide recognition as the lead in Titanic, and won the Best Actress Oscar for The Reader. Married three times with three children she’s one of Britain’s brightest, so what’s her Star Sign Style?

Kate’s Star Sign Style!

Sun In LibraMoon In LibraVenus In VirgoLibra Rising 

Kate’s strongly Libra. Not only does she have the Sun, Moon and Mercury in the sign, Libra is rising, with Pluto present in the constellation too. Venus sits at one degree of Virgo, adding another feminine energy into the fore.

Her film roles reflect the Venusian aspect, with her debut role Heavenly Creatures and Sense and Sensibility reflecting a romantic theme, although the Cancerian Midheaven is the ‘Titanic’ in the chart, as Cancer rules the sea (and the Mc sends out our most public message). However, her character’s name ‘Rose’ still conveys an incredibly Liberian feeling!

Winslet’s Birth Chart


Born 5th October, 1975 At 7.15am In Reading, United Kingdom.

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Author: Kimberly Peta Dewhirst

Kimberly started Star Sign Style to gather together all things celestial in a honey pot of wonder. She's studied astrology in London and India, specialising in the fashion and beauty of the stars. She lives in Hong Kong with her New Yorker beau, and is a double Aries (sun-Venus), with a soft shell Cancer rising! Her Sagittarius moon lights up with talk of travel, while her Mercury in Taurus waxes lyrical over cosmic cosmetics.

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