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Libra Model Megan Ewing, Beautiful In Baby Blue…

Libra models are blessed with bags of beauty and charm, and particularly symmetrical faces.


Because this zodiac sign is Venus ruled, those that are Libra born are naturally at ease with beautiful aesthetics and all that is visually pleasing. Libra loves to be surrounded by peace and harmony above all else.

Lovely Libra Models…

kim-k  monica

☆ Liberty Lettice Lark Ross 23rd September 1978 ☆ Sui He 23rd September 1989 ☆ Cheryl Tiegs 25th September 1947 ☆ Megan Ewing 30th September 1984 ☆ Monica Bellucci 30th September 1964 ☆ Noot Seear 5th October 1983 ☆ Beverly Johnson 13th October 1952 ☆ Nico (Christa Päffgen) 16th October 1938 ☆ Jacquetta Wheeler 16th October 1981 ☆ Freja Beha Erichsen 18th October 1987 ☆ Candice Swanepoel 20th October 1988 ☆ Kim Kardashian 21st October 1980 ☆

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