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Libra New Moon Horoscope

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Wish With A Libra New Moon…


 The New Moon at 8º Libra takes place:

Saturday October 1st

  • 8.11 am in Hong Kong
  • 00.11 am London

Friday September 30th

  • 8:11 pm Eastern Time
  • 5:11 pm Pacific Time.

The new moon occurs at different times around the world and means different things to us all!

To know your natal chart is to know exactly where the new moon falls for you, but we can glean clues from our zodiac sign too… Suggestions on what to wish for, below…

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Aries or Aries Rising

You can reset the agenda on all important exchanges with the new moon in Libra.

Tune in to all your relationships, Aries. Consider how you can improve collaboration at home, at work, in your love life, and with your best friend. It’s time to hand over the reins to others, as the thoughts and feelings of those you hold near and dear are be spotlighted. Focus on being more considerate, aware of others, more sensitive and fair.

And look in the mirror too! Consider the primary relationship you have, the one with thyself…

There’s every indication that one-to-ones will strengthen in the coming year. You’re in a good place to begin trusting and going a little deeper with your feelings, so set those intention down on paper!

Libra Vibes are present in your powers of collaboration, your relationships with others. Wear a chic nude to promote harmony in your partnerships and calm, streamlined fashions on date night…

Taurus or Taurus Rising

You can reset the agenda on your daily routine and rituals with this new moon Tauro!

There are busy days ahead. Since Libra season started it all stepped up a notch and this is just the beginning! It’s also a time for romance and you can enjoy blissed out times with your best friend or partner, despite a growing to-do list.

But your health and wellness are really the years’ focus so it’s a good time to set goals around fitness and eating well. You can adopt a simple, chic beauty look with minimum fuss, and a wardrobe that prioritizes movement. That way you’re already off to a great head start…

Libra Vibes are present in heath, diet, wellness, ritual and routine, so wear Libra colors, print and pattern at the gym.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

You can reset the agenda on r-r-r-r-r-romance!!!!

Gemini has entered their phase of optimum passion, creativity and hot-love, the kind that gets your heart racing.

Sparks can fly over the coming twelve months with someone new or new hobby will set your heart aflame. You could be feeling it already! Or have already met that special someone who makes your eyes flutter. Now is the time to write down intentions for the year ahead to direct your passionate creativity in the best direction.

Pour your heart into creating something you adore – perhaps that’s a little baby! It’s the best time to work towards a goal and see it through.

Libra Vibes are present in your love life, so wear a hot pink on the lips for luck and extra kisses!

Cancer or Cancer Rising

You can reset the agenda on security, home and domesticity.

Libra season allows you to bed down into nesting vibes. If you’ve wanted to spruce up your space, the twelve months ahead offer the ideal celestial weather to enhance your home beautifully. Think about what family means to you and invite your inner circle ‘home’, spending the best of times together. You’re an expert nurturer and friends and family will be drawn to you for comfort.

Libra Vibes are present in your home and domestic settings. Beautify your space, make it smell wonderful on the new moon.

Leo or Leo Rising

You can reset the agenda on your mindset, Leo.

Your local community truly benefits from your warm, benevolent presence. Your role over the next twelve months is at the heart of a blossoming circle, be it close friends, work colleagues or family, so manifest on that!

You’re offered the chance to develop your community and network, meet those likeminded for some shared thinking. Consider who you’d like to meet on your doorstep, how you’d like to expand your social circle and sense of curiosity with close friends.

Libra Vibes are present in your thinking and communication. Add a touch of grace and charm to your speaking for luck and buy a beautiful phone case…

Virgo or Virgo Rising

You can reset the agenda on money matters, earning and generating a lucrative income!!!

It’s time to realize the fruits of your labor, your hard work will pay off over the next twelve months as you expand your consciousness around the material plane, Virgo. You’re a pretty practical and pragmatic type and now you could see a financial reward or boost to your income, or simply feel really good about money and your contribution.

Incorporate touches of baby blue, pink or a chic nude into your purse, wallet or pocketbook. Write down your money goals and manifest abundance!

Virgo Vibes are present in your money, resources and personal possessions. Carry a purse with wedding vibes for maximum luck and abundance – white lace and frilly bits…


New Moons, A Time To Chill…

Libra or Libra Rising

You can reset the agenda on your most personal matters and write down your goals for YOU Libra!

The stars align for you now and put you at the center of celebrations, not just for Libra season but for the next twelve months! It’s the perfect time to launch a project you’ve been building behind the scenes and step into success. A very special personal journey is about to unfold, as it’s your time to shine.

You have naturally good taste and a poised, inviting style that cultivates harmony around you.. Set personal goals and make wishes for the path ahead. And FYI, it’s the perfect time for a makeover, with a focus on your best colors: baby blue, pale pink, and soft, candy shades.

This is your true fresh start.

Libra Vibes are present in your physical self, YOU! Your best shades are candy colors and baby blue. Wear a fresh, clean, natural look, reflecting sincere intentions.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

You can reset the agenda on your dreams and inner healing, Scorpio.

The next twelve months are perfect for considering new ventures, just for you. Begin exploring your passions and a new direction. It’s a powerful time to maneuver behind the scenes. You’re meeting the right people to help you formulate your grand plan.

Libra Vibes are present in your dreams and healing faculties. Meditate in pale blue and soft gray.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

You can reset the agenda on friendships, groups and your tribe Sagittarius.

With Jupiter in Libra this season might introduce a whole new wonderful group of friends or your extended circle will welcome you with open arms. You’ll bond with likeminded souls over the next twelve months so put down on paper your wishlist. Understand your priorities when dealing with a group dynamic, even what you want to achieve through this wider collaboration.

Libra Vibes are present in your friendship group. Wear sweet, chic shades when you’re looking to be at one in a crowd.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

You can reset the agenda on your public image.

Capricorn’s reputation is thriving now and into next year, and the new moon offers the opportunity to manifest and set intentions around what’s to come! You’ll be very visible over the coming twelve months with your many achievements on display, so reset and create the agenda on how others see you.

You can even introduce a whole new look, use the moon to mood-board your style.

Libra Vibes are present in your public face. You’ve got the professional look pinned, make it extra chic and streamlined, and a little more sugary sweet…

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

You can reset the agenda on your huge message and higher purpose Aquarius!

Broader horizons are beckoning, a wonderful adventure is promised over the next twelve months, a chance for you to develop in the most expansive ways. Libra season hints at the huge opportunities ahead and gives you the chance to reset your agenda on your purpose.

Consider the possibilities and let your mind wander to faraway places. Foreign lands provide welcome inspiration needed for your journey.

Libra Vibes are present in your beliefs, your higher thinking and philosophies, your travel and adventure – when you pack for a long journey bring a bag that’s beautiful and streamlined…

Pisces and Pisces Rising

You can reset the agenda on your closest relationships, on powerful resources and money owed.

Libra season ushers in a transformation process for Pisces. The year ahead holds opportunities for you to dive beneath the surface of your most important and intimate relationships to see what they’re really made of.

Are you in it for the long haul? Consider you feeling and manifest with the moon. The next twelve months bring matters to pass around money, resources, obligations and debt, bringing you leaps and bounds closer to your ideal.

Libra Vibes are present in intimate areas. A babydoll underwear set reminds you that even the most private moments can be colored with sweetness, light and fairness…

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