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Luggage For The Dark Moon…

Low key obsessed with this lunar luggage concept.

Luggage For The Dark Moon…

Blame it on my moon in Sagittarius, I have a minor obsession with luggage.

I find it hard to walk past a Samsonite store without ducking inside to inspect the latest collection, trying out the latest wheels, cooing over how light they’ve made them, and inspecting the pocket linings for secret, seductive compartments.

There’s another astrological reason I love travel gear, and that’s my Venus in the 9th house of faraway lands, and one of my prized possessions is my well-worn shiny red case that’s seen me through continents and countless cities over the years.

However, there’s a new case in town, and I’m all for its fabulous shape and form.

Presenting OOKONN Round Luggage…

If, like me, you’re inspired by design that’s different, you’ll like this luggage.

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Cylindrical in shape, the case comes in a variety of sizes and includes packing pockets to make life – and vacationing – a joy.

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It me…

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Saving up for this one Stargazers, you can find the full offering here.

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I’m sure you’ll agree this collection is super chic, and what’s more you can personalise your bag with lettering – I would have a cresent moon on mine…

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