Share the Astrology of Monica Lewinsky…


Luscious Leo Lady Monica…

The recent Ted talk with Monica Lewinsky has put her back in the public eye…

Monica’s Co-Ordinates

So what’s her stellar style?

The sun and the Venus in Leo give Monica a mane of luscious hair.

We often see this public figure in red, a result of fiery Mars in Aries making a harmonious aspect to the Sun in Leo, in a very public position in the chart.

Libra rising, Moon in Taurus and Mercury in Cancer add lots of femininity to the chart. I think Monica sometimes looks like a cute little girl!

A girl-scout kinda vibe.

Monica Lewinsky’s Birth Chart

monica lewinsky astrology birth chart

Monica Lewinsky Born 23rd July 1973 At 12.21pm In San Francisco, California

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