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March 2017 – Your Monthly Horoscope


With energy planet Mars darting through Aries (with spunky Uranus) coming up against big ol’ Jupiter, a  signature of the month ahead is: over zealous change.

Spontaneity (and a dash of rebellion) contends with a spirit of exaggeration – taking risks that aren’t well thought out could be DISASTROUS.

Don’t jeopardize your progress made thus far.

With Venus retrograde from March 4th, matters of the heart and of ones own identity could prove confusing – it’s a fantastic time for repairing relationships and revisiting past hurts but know when to let sleeping dogs lie.

Towards the end of the month many will feel pulled in different directions thanks to so many planets hanging out in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), resulting in tension, power struggles and conflicting interests.

It’s vital to prioritize personal wellbeing and self-care – love yourself authentically, first and foremost, then extend a genuine compassion to all those around you, with sincerity.

Aries or Aries Rising

March presents opportunity for self-reflection, Aries.

A quiet time, you can afford to step back, focusing on personal wellbeing, closure, finales and forgiveness – therapeutic ahead of birthday celebrations, another year older and wiser.

With Venus retrograde in your sign, know confidence may fluctuate wildly; the month won’t be without power struggles either, as your autonomous aims deviate from collaborative efforts.

Shifting gears on the 9th your ruler Mars ploughs ahead with a thoroughly practical agenda, allowing you to drive forward material goals.

The new moon in your sign–March 27th–emphasizes a revolutionary fresh start for you – embrace innovative thinking and plan to accelerate.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

On March 4th your ruling planet Venus deep dives in the hidden realms of your horoscope for introspection and revelations. It’s easy to revisit romantic notions from the past now, healing and releasing as necessary.

From the 9th you’ll be fearless, ready to tackle lingering associations with resolve; the 12th is seductively passionate and illuminating.

Use this month to rectify any unsettled scores; focus increases around the 20th while the 25th delivers clarity. The 27th brings you a fresh start – if you can release your grip. There’s utmost potential for liberation and closure when you trust your intuition in the weeks ahead.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

Make the most of this month by turning yourself over to your highest aspirations and overarching ambitions – this is a wonderful time to fulfill your potential, emphasizing your position as a star player; imagine the possibilities on the 3rd…

From the 13th embrace your social network, connecting with the crowd that elevates you. The complex contrast of your group versus your beloved passion becomes apparent around the 18th, however underlying tension’s simmering throughout March.

The 24th to the 27th help process your different interests; use any insights derived to help you move ahead with supporters that have your best interests at heart.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

Following your dream is the theme of the month – it’s time to embrace your journey towards a vision you’ve longed to see fulfilled. Focus, and identify your pursuit – be it travel, the quest for knowledge, or another big adventure. Helpful information arrives with connections made on the 12th.

Before you refresh your career goals on the 27th spend time balancing your public presence with home life – there’s tension because you’re needed in many varied directions! You’re highly visible now and might be keen to overhaul outward appearances. With so much attention on your profile gentle tweaks work better than spontaneous changes.

Leo or Leo Rising

Developments unfold in a legal or financial setting that could affect a primary partnership – in the next few weeks you’ll draw resources closer, or co-sign an agreement that’s deeply transformative. The 12th could be especially lucrative.

Broader horizons beckon from March 20th, when you’re truly liberated, enriched with a sense of freedom. Plan adventures or consider an educational course, by the end of the month you’ll be ready to spread your wings, grow your knowledge or launch a solo project. Just be mindful of hasty, zealous action – thoroughly research investment options, and the opportunities that seem too good to be true.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

There’s reason to celebrate around the 12th when a personal project comes to fruition. Highlight accomplishments – even if you have to brag!

With Venus lingering in the most impassioned part of your chart, upholding harmonious ties could feel pertinent; there’s an emphasis towards primary exchanges this month – from partners at home or work, to a close friend or collaborator. Relationships heat up in weeks to come, as your union is taken to a deeper level of trust. However you might notice a jealous, possessive or controlling streak around the 18th – springing from you or others – strive for balance when the pressure inevitably intensifies.

Libra or Libra Rising

With Venus backtracking through your relationship zone it could feel like partnerships are thrown into chaos. Life is particularly busy, and there’s now deliberation as progress stalls in personal projects, and your most important exchanges fall out of line.

Take it easy – especially on the 12th; you’re being given the opportunity to review and grow so deal with disruptions using lots of space and freedom. If it’s time for a change honor your decision, otherwise don’t take hasty action or make rash moves. It’s easier to talk it through on the 18th; you’re both ready for a fresh start March 27th.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

A high-energy month, passions can soar, however you might be sidestepping fun in favor of work, busy bee! Perhaps you’ll express affections in service to others, demonstrating usefulness, yet with Venus Retrograde don’t expect all your processes (or love) to run smooth. From the 9th you’ll put considerably more emphasis on partnership – welcome that reliable co-pilot to your side.

From the 21st a heated connection intensifies – perhaps you’ve identified an opportunity but someone’s blocking your path to progress. On the 30th the situation come’s to a head; be sure to assert yourself from a place of power, rather than using manipulation to get ahead.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

There’s tons of fun on offer this month but it doesn’t come without a dose of drama. Passions run high, with an emphasis on your personal interests versus the values of the group. Your community and wider network has been prominent since September and could now present a conflict in the way you see things progressing best.

With heartfelt matters in overdrive it’s best to pause before taking big risks or a gamble – unless they’re a sure bet! Commence new love affairs with caution and recognize any impulsive bolts for freedom. Public recognition comes on the 12th when you can celebrate your position.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

March 5th presents an opportunity to deliver your support and wisdom; this an auspicious moment to use your intuition to smooth over tensions, soothing upsets and disruption. You’ve been thriving in your public position, yet this month you’re prompted to turn inward, focusing closer to home and evaluate. You’re still on your successful trajectory, however you might need to consciously balance conflicting needs.

Energy soars from the 9th however while you might be feeling amorous do be mindful that with Venus Retrograde comes extra sensitivity – be tender in matters of the heart. Your capacity to socialize is high so meet others without expectation.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

This is a feel-good month when you can focus on streamlining practicalities and material concerns – March 12th can see resources come to fruition, while the weeks ahead are great for drawing wealth your way. Reaffirm the role that pays or one that helps you feel truly valued.

It’s not totally plain sailing however, as you’re fuelled with electric dynamism – a charge that has the propensity to exhaust you. Thinking and reactions may be supersonic, and exchanges can quickly escalate. Be mindful how you come across; Venus will retrograde in the expressive, communicative area of your horoscope so affectionate declarations can be misconstrued.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

With pleasure planet Venus backtracking through your finances and feel-good sector, it could be some time before you’re confident the fruits of your labor will bloom – even if your proposal’s been agreed. Don’t let your confidence waver, this an incredible time for you to be proud of all that you’ve worked hard for.

Allow the dust to settle around money, and your investments in other people. Your material world is in flux, presenting challenging circumstances to feel truly secure; avoid changes made in haste and impulse purchases. Your partner is spotlighted on the 12th, a day to skillfully balance both your needs.

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