Slow Down… Mars Retrograde Through Sagittarius And Scorpio, 2016…

The celestial bodies govern different areas of our spirit and Mars in astrological terms is our animal passion and fighting spirit.

In our horoscope and natal birth chart the position of mighty Mars reveals how we deal with conflict and our own anger. Do we burn slowly (a Taurus tendency) or explode (the Cardinal signs), rage and then blow over, quick to forgive and forget? Are our passions poured into the arts (Pisces)? Or expressed through our sex drive (Scorpio)?

Aside from our usual character the behaviour of Mars lends his energy to us as he moves through our horoscope, giving us drive at work, in the gym, in the bedroom or boardroom depending on the area he’s lighting up with passion.

For example when Mars transits the friendship area of your chart you might be inclined to get more active in groups and the community.

And yes, he retrogrades.

Mars Retrograde, 2016…

Mars will appear to go backward in the skies this year, passing through the zodiac signs Scorpio, then Sagittarius, then back into Scorpio again, then forwards into Sagittarius.

… Libra > Scorpio > Sagittarius > Scorpio > Sagittarius > Capricorn > Aquarius >…

[dates below]

What does it mean?

Mars appearing retrograde is a time when our energy and actions are busy and distracted.

Just as communications, electricals and networks go haywire during Mercury Retrograde our reserves of ardent drive can be knocked off course during this time.

It might be a chaotic period of in-action, and our plans may back-fire or be thwarted by obstacles. Other people might seem to have a quick temper, be overactive, rash and take action on impulse. Drives may wane, including our sex-drive!

Will power, assertiveness, forthrightness and the ability to power and drive through life will be on slow-gear, even reverse!

Aries – Mars is your ruler so you’re particularly prone to the moment of Mars, and might notice that after your birthday things start to get crazy!

Scorpio – In tandem with powerful Pluto, Mars is your co-ruler, and you might find by the end of April life gets frustrating.

More advice for this time including all the signs, below…



Don’t Sweat It…

It’s important to review how we expend our energies and the projects we’re progressing.

This is a great time to reassess the action-plan, re-work where our energies are directed, RECHARGING and RESTING.

Relaunch your activities when Mars goes direct at the end of June.

Don’t initiate new projects now (if possible), plans could need re-assertion.

Don’t Panic – Mars appears retrograde every two years, nothing to go Gaga over.

Key Dates To Note

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  • Mars appears to retrograde on 17th April 2016 (9 degrees of Sagittarius)
  • Mars re-enters Scorpio on 28th May
  • Mars goes direct on 29th June (23 degrees Scorpio)
  • Mars re-enters Sagittarius on 2nd August 2016.

What Does It Mean For You?

Read for your Sun / Rising Sign…

Aries – Mars is making his way from the activation of deep intuition, power and external resources to the house of higher learning, philosophy and adventure. Earned income might undergo a period of stop–start as might a matter around your education.

Taurus – For the Bulls, Mars is making his way from the house of partnerships to the house of intimacy and sex! Your relationships could be getting the opportunity for a reset and a prolonged force of focus, if there are areas you want to tackle it’s a good time to reassert your will.

Gemini – This could be a period of busyness and redoing of projects at work, then to a focus towards the significant people in your world, as Mars goes from the area in your horoscope governing daily ritual and the things you like to do day-to-day, to the place of partnerships.

Cancer – Mars is moving from the fun house in your horoscope to the area of work and containment then back again, so you might get dragged back into the bedroom! Perhaps this retrograde period will have you revisit fun and good times before getting back to the tasks.

Leo – action planet Mars moves from the setting of house and home to the fun part of your chart, so before you get stuck in to the goodies you may need to attend to some element of your domesticity or take charge of an area around where you live…

Virgo – mighty and masculine Mars makes his way from your house of connections and communication to the area of domestic life – conversations could be revisited (especially those you feel passionately about) and any home projects initiated could need reactivating!

Libra – Mars makes his way from the area of your horoscope pointing to earned income to that of communications and short trips. You might be in a position to reassert your self worth and potential, and then later re-communicate this to the universe!

Scorpio – For Scorpions Mars is travelling through the most personal part of the horoscope – for an elongated period you’ll be feeling energised and alive, although personal actions you take might need to be revisited, he’ll then move on to powering up your piggy bank!

Sagittarius – Mars hangs out in your most hidden psyche, activating your dreams and innermost thoughts before breaking out, energising you like a force of nature! When Mars retrograde it could feel like a pullback, as he tugs you to revisit that downtime once again.

Capricorn – ardent Mars has you operating in a group setting, lighting fires among friends and your tribe. He moves into the resting spot in your horoscope but you may feel a second wind and re-charge into your friendship circle to reignite matters among friends.

Aquarius  – Career matters have a sense of drive and energy about them, you can put in more but will then want to participate more in group matters and spend your energy with friends – woah! Mars makes his way back to power-up your professional reputation, let him take his turn again…

Pisces – You’ve been energising an area of learning and progressing in ways that activate higher perspectives of thought! Mars races on to get cracking on career matters but you may find yourself reactivating those studies, adventures and perspectives.

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