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Your Energy Horoscope – The Cycle Of Mars In 2018…

Low Energy? Your Mars Retrograde Reset Button Is Below!

Mars Retrograde in 2018 presents opportunities to pause, and to press the reset button in certain area of life.

How might it play out for you?

Aries or Aries Rising

The company you keep and the company you’ve created are the area of focus for Aries in the weeks – and months – ahead.

Mars will retrograde in the social networking area of your ‘scope, then dip back into the ambitious tenth house of fame and public honors. Unfinished business on the career ladder Aries?

Climb down, and get back into business.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

You’ve been soaring in your public role, Taurus, thriving in a position of visibility with success propelling you to higher heights! Yet you might need to revisit your studies, or get back to the knowledge base before you really fly.

This year has emphasised an incredible learning process, a journey that’s due to unfold over time. It’s well worth dedicating hearty efforts into the fold of where your venture and interests lie, before you stride ahead with world domination.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

Adventure’s been calling and you’ve had the opportunity to venture further afield, with freedom tempting you, drawing you towards exciting places, people and concepts. Education or foreign climbs could be calling, and yet there’s a spanner in the works. Manoeuvring Mars is backspinning through your travel and learning zone, Gemini. Grrrrrrr.

It might be necessary to re-energize projects and adventurous plans with a calm, stealth like approach. Rushing ahead won’t pay off now so take it step by step.

Important relationships require your focus from mid-August, and you’ll be tasked with revisiting and re-establishing trust and close bonds in weeks ahead. Finances and join investments might also come on your radar in the second half of August; not a good time to take risks in intimate bonds or around private contractual agreements, either.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

You’ve begun to deepen your affections, growing closer to special individuals on the horizon, Cancer. However before you settle in for the long-haul you might want to check the perfunctory measures are sound and structured, first.

Mars has spend time in 2018 helping focus you in your relationships and one-to-one partnerships, and as he moved into your eighth house of intimacy you might have felt the urge to merge in a compulsive way. Yet be sure relationships are resolute, and that you understand the necessary dynamics. Later in the summer will be a truly authentic time to bond, truly madly and deeply.

Leo or Leo Rising

Aquarius represents your partnerships, Leo, which includes romantic or marriage partners but could also mean a friend or companion, your therapist, even a sibling or house mate.

With Mars Retrograde in this zone of balance and equilibrium your one-to-ones could feel a little off.

You might be tasked with revising some heated exchanges, or working through relationship issues that are marked with a competitive spirit. Lay down your weapons and take a calmer approach with individuals that sit across from you.

On August 13th Mars revisits the area of your horoscope governing health issues, your day job, routine matters and how you operate day to day. This is an awesome opportunity to see to it that you’ve put into practice good habits you started the year with – particularly around your sense of self-care and nurture.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

Energising Mars is breezing through the area of life that gets you out of bed each morning.

Your daily tasks, health, routine matters and everyday duties feel the force of Mars Retrograde, Virgo, which could spell work issues or a need to stop-start in your job. This is also the zone that brings help and assistance, so people that are sent to serve you could create some cause for friction or concern. Remember not to let rip on office juniors!

When Mars dips back into Capricorn your love and passion zone will be touched upon once again. Romantic liaisons come under the heat lamp, so beware of old flames…

Important Dates FOr Mars Retrograde

  • Mars appears to retrograde on June 27th 201 (9º of Aquarius)
  • Mars conjuncts the full moon eclipse in Aquarius July 27th at 4.20 pm EST
  • Mars re-enters Capricorn on August 13th
  • Mars goes direct on August 28th (at 28º Capricorn)
  • Mars re-enters Aquarius on September 11th 2018.

Read more about Mars Retrograde, here.

Libra or Libra Rising

Venus is your ruler, Libra, however you’re not free from the effects of Mars!

And during this retrograde spell, Mars appear to go over old ground in your amorous, playful zone of romantic and creative urges. While this doesn’t guarantee a call from an ex-flame it is a possibility, so be on red alert for old boyfriends that haunt you!

Aside from sexually-charged dramas, you could also be ruminating around special project you want to bring into the world. The fifth house covers extensions of our self-expression, including our children, our sense of play, our loving affections and the hobbies we adore and cherish. Sporting interests fall here, so be a little bit careful if you’re into a team sport that gets competitive.

When Mars dips back into your home zone in mid-August you could restructure domestic issues. If you’re into DIY be careful of equipment!

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

Mars has been charging through your home zone and domestic life, spurring on your plans to nest, rest, move house, settle down, or tackle self-care or even a DIY project!

Perhaps you’ve a pressing migration or family matter on your agenda, Scorpio, and as Mars is one of your two rulers (along with Pluto), the retrograde pullback should be taken seriously.

When Mars re-enters Capricorn on the 13th August you’ll be able to revisit matters pertaining to communication, skills-building, schooling, education or close peers. You might be inclined to reignite conversions or ties with those locally, also neighbourhood relations. No fighting with bro and sis!

Get ready to retrograde!

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

No doubt you’ve raced ahead as summer started, diving head first among playmates and close peers!

Mars moving through Aquarius has brought your sociable side out to play – and you might have felt impulsively expressive in conversation too! However with Mars Retrograde on the horizon you might find you’re taking a second look at statements made among friends.

When Mars takes a dip back into Capricorn you’ll be tasked with revisiting issues around your job role or financial matter that needs attention.You might need to concentrate on earning or paying back a sum, Sagittarius, so begin to steer your thoughts towards money.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

Mars will move from your second house of income and your job role, then to your first house of self and personal image.

First order of play is Mars revisiting some money or work related issues – think earning, savings, spending. You might need to track back over some action taken around your position, before you can move ahead later in the year.

Next up, from August 13th Mars re-enters Capricorn’s constellation.

You might have experienced more responsibility and even hardship this year, with realisations around what’s required of you. Despite giving it your all – dedicating yourself resolutely to the tasks presented – it’s possible you’ll revisit and tackle some of the physical concerns on your plate. Be mindful of overdoing it, as your energy levels are best monitored and reserved for the important tasks.

By the time summer’s well and truly over you’ll be better equipped to move forward with your personal agenda, ready to press ahead with efforts around what you want to do, and what will bring you purpose and satisfaction.

But first, check in with yourself and your physical body. It’s asking for your attention.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

Mars burst forth in your zone of personal appearances – and the physical body – bringing about a focus on number one Aquarius.

However with the Mars retrograde you’re gifted a second look at healing, closure and transition that’s been front of mind this year. Treat yourself like the precious child of the universe that you are, Stargazer! Take it step by step, reserving your energy for only the most important tasks on your agenda. Let partners share the load and do the heavy lifting, lean into trust over the weeks and months ahead.

Some important lessons have been unfolding since Christmas, and will no doubt be front of your agenda – these could potentially be karmic in nature, and connected to your private life. An ex could reappear, or you might be revisiting masculine-tinted exchanges.

As one of the stubborn signs try not to get into arguments now, Aquarius. That might prove difficult as Mercury will retrograde in your partnership zone, but again, reserve your energy for what’s important – healing you.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Mars has been hanging out in your closure zone, making it possible to focus on healing, transition and coming full circle; this could be connected to a love affair or strongly held passion you’re driving forwards in private. It could even be that you’re experiencing dealing with bossy individuals in your company or social circle, figuring out how to detach!

Get ready to retrograde, and revisit the work you’ve done so far around this, Pisces. You’ve some way to go before you get your mojo back, as Mars enters your sign November 16th!

Until then you may be forced to step down from your usual involvement, dealing with relationship issues, or bringing private personal matters to pass.

Within the months ahead, community or social activities are due to be revisited. It’s likely you’ve made headway within your network yet there may be a need to reignite the embers among friends.

Keep the fires gently burning my love!



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