The Power Of Concentration Lies With Cappy…



People born with Mercury in Capricorn are commanding, confident thinkers, with the self control to become an expert and an authority in their field. They have great powers of concentration and the ability to discipline their thoughts.

These people can be efficient and highly organised with practical, patient minds and methodical, sometimes structured thinking.

Mercury in Capricorn people might be conservative and have a dry sense of humour – they can be too serious and even melancholic at times. They favour useful conversation with people that can support and further their goals and aspirations.

Focussed thinkers, they’re wise, with ideas that stand the test of time…

Because Mercury travels with the Sun, there are only three possible Sun signs for those with Mercury in Capricorn, Sagittarius through to Aquarius. See which celebrities share your Sun and Mercury sign…

Celebrities with Mercury in Capricorn

shakira   taylor-swift   vanessa-hudgens  sagittarius-lara-stone-astrology  vanessa-paradis   helena-c  capricorn-dolly-parton  nigella-lawson  capricorn-marlene-dietrich  abbey-clancy  capricorn-donna-summer    capricorn-christie-turlington  capricorn-maggie-smith  capricorn-ava-gardner  zooey-deshanel  capricorn-michelle-obama  capricorn-faye-dunaway  capricorn-sissy-spacek  helena rubinstein

☆ Michelle Obama ☆ Shakira ☆ Milla Jovovich ☆ Taylor Swift ☆ Ellen Degeneres ☆ Ava Gardner ☆ Mischa Barton ☆ Vanessa Hudgens ☆ Helena Christensen ☆ Zooey Deshanel ☆ Sienna Miller ☆ Marlene Dietrich ☆ Sade Adu ☆ Lara Stone ☆ Teri Hatcher ☆ Dolly Parton ☆ Christie Turlington ☆ Annie Lennox ☆ Nigella Lawson ☆ Donna Summer ☆ Heather Graham ☆ Maggie Smith ☆ Faye Dunaway ☆ Kirstie Alley ☆ Bridget Fonda ☆ Melanie Chisholm ☆ Eva Cassidy ☆ Zsa Zsa Gabor ☆ Doutzen Kroes ☆ Gemma Arterton ☆ Rosamund Pike ☆ Isla Fisher ☆ Etta James ☆ Minnie Driver ☆ Roberta Flack ☆ Nina Ricci ☆ Helena Rubinstein ☆ Vanessa Paradis ☆

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