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Neptune In Pisces…

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2011 to 2025…


☆ Spirituality ☆ Mermaids ☆ Unicorns ☆ Jesus Beards ☆ Yoga and Meditation ☆ Poetic Quotes on social media, ☆ Dreamy Instagram Filters ☆ Illusion ☆


Planet Neptune really tunes into fashion style.

It’s all about the glamour, the art, the style of the moment.

Neptune in Pisces fashion style tunes into Pisces…

Neptune In Pisces Fashion Style

The sign of sacrifice, zodiac sign Pisces relates to the image of Jesus. You’ll notice that Christianity uses the symbol of the fish too, like Pisces, as it’s a religion of the ‘Age of Pisces’.

The ages move backwards, so we’re just entering into the Age of Aquarius – a far more digital and progressive time than the last 2,000 years!

The Age of Aries was more about bloodshed…

Neptune In Pisces

Neptune in Pisces is a beautiful thing to behold, however it can be scary too.

If your birth chart connects your to Neptune with powerful aspects you can find yourself lost, with frightening, overwhelming feelings such as grief, loss and sadness at the fore.

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