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New Moon In Leo Horoscope



August 2nd – New Moon In Leo!

August 2nd, 1.45 pm (L.A.)

August 2nd, 4.45 pm (New York)

August 2nd, 9.45 pm (London)

August 3rd, 4.45 am (Hong Kong)

August 3rd, 6.45 am (Sydney)

New moons give you the opportunity for a fresh start – to do and try something new!

Fire sign Leo says “plant seeds of optimum creativity”, AND, if you want a baby – manifest!

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and represents the burning desire in man to recreate, procreate and be recreational – to have fun! Play and be childlike. That’s why Leo’s are natural storytellers and thespians – because they so easily CREATE with warm abundance and enthusiasm.

Where Leo falls in our horoscope shows where we can be proud (and where we can use gold touches…) And, it’s the area of the natal chart where the new moon will fall – make wishes for that area of life and watch your dreams come to fruition over the next six months!

What Else?

Communication Mercury just moved into Virgo – dot your i’s and cross those T’s when you’re writing your manifestation list! Be precise with your words…

Genius Uranus makes a harmonious alignment with Venus in Leo – this could be electric and surprisingly goooood

Mars has powered into Sagittarius – there’s a more jovial spring in the collective step of the universe from tomorrow – hallelujah!

So, the new moon in Leo – what to wish for?!


Relight my fire! Reset the agenda on romance, spicy passions and your childlike creativity, Aries… Crack open the crayons and dig out your best undies.


Manifest more security Tauro – make ‘home’ happen to your ideals – what does that kitchen counter look like? What would you like more of in the larder?


Your mind holds the key to your abundant creativity Twins! Let your brainpower roar forth with gregarious magnitude… Think what you’d like to learn, speak into reality and who you’d like to connect with… YES.


Make more money – pick a number. Think abundance, Crab… Write out the cheque, stick it on the fridge, believe and you will receive. As per L’Oreal – you’re WORTH IT!


Do “You, You, You”!!! Yes yes yes – set your personal intentions for the next six months and beyond! What does your best life look like Leo? Includes EVERYTHING – love et al.


Dreams, dreams, dreams… Manifest your hidden agenda and most secret desires – don’t be surprised, just watch it all unfurl… Careful what you wish for!


There’s a place for us… Manifest a seat within in a group or social circle you admire – top of the table? You can Libra! Who’s sitting by your side? Love them into existence.


You can scale new heights and climb the ladder – to heaven! If heaven is Hollywood, that is…! Think about your public profile and your name in lights, Scorp.


Where to next Sagittarius? The library? A new class? The travel agents??!! Studies, learning, adventure and WANDERLUST is waiting…


A partnership that goes deeper? Security in spades? Glittering riches can be mined by Cappy… A powerful positing can be yours – intense and fulfilling… *Wish*


The perfect love partnership – what does it look like? Describe it – gotta be in it to win it Aqua babe… It’s yours within six months if you ease your toe in the waters of relationships.


Like a prayer – a new dawn, a new day – a new ritual? The path to wellness is yours to manifest Pisces… A juice might appear at your door like a happy little apple. You never know what’s in store…

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