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Go Inward With The New Moon In Scorpio, November 18th 2017…


What to do With The New Moon in Scorpio?

1. Slip Into Still Waters

Have A Detox Bath


The new moon is a potent time of collected energy, and this month that energy culminates in the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Sun, Moon and Mercury are gathered together in this, the ‘fixed’ water sign, that I like to liken to a dark lake at night, mysterious and irresistible, cool and deep.

Just before the new moon we can let go and release, ready to make room for the new with the new moon and new cycles.

The detoxing effect of the dark moon phase lends itself perfectly to a bath that draws out toxins, so pour salt in the tub and exhale.

2. Release Negative Shit

Calls For A Colonic


In the most literal sense you can clear away the most dark matter from your physical body during this Scorpio moon.

Did you know the bacteria in your gut can seriously actually affect your mood?

It’s true, and while enemas aren’t totally proven to be good for long-term health they sure do feel good once in a while… Scorpio rules the rectum, prostate gland, bladder, cervix and genitals, so while the moon is waning in Scorp get clearing!

3. Abracadabra

Manɪfɛst Magic


The new moon is a powerful time for still contemplation, thinking about what you’d like to manifest or ‘make real’.

Write your lips wearing the classic Scorpio colors – oxblood or maroon red, and the dark as night black shade for extra powerful intentions…

4. Get Your Wax On

Wax Off!


With the waning moon you LET GO.

The dark moon hours in the sexy Scorpio sign are perfect for focusing on removal of all the things you want to get rid of, indulging the hairs on your chin – and all private parts. Time for a wax!

5. Explore The Waters

Deep Dive


Scorpio is the probing investigator of the zodiac and with the new moon in Scorpio it’s essential to dive deeply in the emotions, exploring the dark shadows of our psyche and the underworld of thoughts.

If we don’t know what lies beneath how can we truly eradicate the garbage?

I PROMISE you’ll look more beautiful with a smile on your face after you’ve swum the waters of your soul…

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