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November 2017 – Your Monthly Horoscope


Sparks will fly early in November, as the full moon (Saturday, November 4th at 1:23am EST) peaks in tandem with a spirited exchange between loving Venus and disruptive Uranus. Neptune further confuses our wants and needs during this weekend, as individuality, our sense of ownership, and the security we’ve established clashes with new ideals: plans to redistribute power equally.

Planets have recently gathered in the Scorpio constellation, exposing dark undertones. Saturday, November 18th (at 6:42am EST) offers up a new moon and fresh starts around the most intimate, sensitive subjects. Having gained solid ground and ready for new beginnings, we might ask, “What are we going to do with it?” Consider the possibilities of what can arise from ashes. There could be birthing pains, yet we’re ready to transform, deeply empowered by the metamorphosis that’s upon us.

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splash 2015 zodiac calendar aries

Early November emphasizes income and resources, wealth and power, merging and trusting across shared spaces and joint financial commitments. It’s a key month for bonds to deepen, so acknowledge your contribution, and the support of others, Aries. Look for lucrative opportunities and consider the possibilities on the 13th, resetting goals worthy of your investment on the 18th; also, watch for power struggles at this time.

Your personal beliefs and a special journey are also important themes in weeks ahead. You’ll fully comprehend your newly ingrained knowledge, particularly on the 11th, and even more so after the 25th. You can gain a true sense of all you’ve learned through a very special adventure.


splash 2015 zodiac calendar taurus

The first weekend in November is social and dynamically charged, yet despite the excitement, you could realize you have incredibly stable footing. Celebrate solo successes on the 3rd; revelations can demonstrate just how far routine efforts have positively impacted your closest relationships, private collaborations or your financial standing.

Unions are highly emphasized now, and after the 6th your awareness grows, delivering the potential for great trust in partnership—and the 13th only affirms your affections. Visualize your ideal on the 18th, and the dreams you can embark on in tandem with others. By month’s end you’ll have true clarity around your most secret affairs, and will be ready to reconsider commitments.


splash 2015 zodiac calendar gemini

You’re busy throughout November, with extra tasks filling your schedule; yet you can still have fun, Gemini! Thankfully, efforts you’re putting in now have positive repercussions around your public image, and you’re supported. Step up and help out, but be sure to delegate, too. The 13th to the 16th can work in your favor, while the 18th refreshes your dutiful resolve.

Sparks fly around your personal passions early in the month, and though a partner’s on hand, it might be best to retreat, keeping a low profile on the 3rd. Your outlook on relationships has matured; so in weeks ahead, make plenty space for serious discussions.


splash 2015 zodiac calendar cancer

November emphasizes your passions, Cancer, with intense solo interests and creative pursuits setting you alight—especially within the sanctuary of home! Romance and hearty recreation dominates, so focus on what you long to express, produce or manifest, and get cracking—just reserve the 3rd for broader community, socializing or networking events.

The weekend of the 18th can be resolutely dedicated to refreshing and invigorating your interests, despite simmering tensions. Accept opportunities for artistic inspiration throughout the month, and importantly, put fun high on your agenda. A busy schedule is promised from the 22nd; however, you still have plenty of space to enjoy yourself while you work.


splash 2015 zodiac calendar leo

Home spaces, family, your sense of security, or self-care is spotlighted until the 22nd, Leo. Roll with the inward growth that’s now flourishing. It’s a time to nurture yourself and others, especially after the 13th to the 18th, when focus is resolute. Stability is set to increase, so decide how you want to settle in…

Your approach towards love and passion has matured over the past few years, and toward the end of the month there’s an emphasis on the way you derive fun through people and solo interests. Recognition arrives around your path on the 3rd, when it’s easy to demonstrate your talents to those near and far.


splash 2015 zodiac calendar virgo

Excitement and a sense of unrest during the first weekend of November clears the air for a highly emotional cycle to commence on the 6th. Your awareness around home spaces, family and stability increases, and you’ll gain clarity around changes and restructuring of the past few years. Prioritize your firm foundations, especially on the 11th and after the 25th.

Community and close friends matter most now, and it’s these primary relationships that support your growth in the year ahead; consider who you’d love to sync-up with now, Virgo. Renew your loyalty and connection to those you’re attracted to on the weekend of the 18th.


splash 2015 zodiac calendar libra

Confidence can soar in your role, as your earnings and occupation are emphasized throughout the month, Libra. It’s a time of great promise in the practical realms, so consider how you make money and your ideals for the year ahead, especially around November 13th, 18th and 21st.

You have the capacity to express your needs, so speak up in relationships, from business collaborations, love unions or friendships. All kinds of joint interests—financial and private affairs—are spotlighted on the 3rd, with surprises or changes in partnership possible. Around the 11th your connection to others is remarkable; acknowledge your progress and mature outlook.


splash 2015 zodiac calendar scorpio

The 9th is a terrific power day, Scorpio, so leverage your connections to enhance personal plans, and emphasize your star qualities! Around the 11th, your role, work and income are spotlighted, prompting you to reflect on the firmer footing you’ve achieved around what you do and how you’re able to act with confidence.

It’s an ideal time to conclude leftover projects, lifestyles or incarnations, as you’re presently heading in a totally new direction. Recognize and appreciate supportive figures and reliable collaborators on the 3rd. The 19th presents a struggle, as lingering distractions can hamper the fresh start you’re ready to embrace.


splash 2015 zodiac calendar sagittarius

Take a backseat this month, Sagittarius, focusing on yourself and a great escape; it’s a positive spell to retreat from worldly demands and go off-grid. Note the weekend of the 11th is a particularly awesome time to team up with a special friend in a nurturing environment. Sparks can fly as you express your personal creativity and have fun!

You’re increasingly present and ready to engage more fully after the 22nd; you could become highly attuned to the mature approach you now embody. Personal responsibilities are front of mind in November, acknowledge evolved perspectives on love and your creative self-expression.


splash 2015 zodiac calendar capricorn

November continues to be a favorable time for professional accomplishments and thriving in a recognized position of responsibility. Your broader network is growing more significant, too, as colleagues, classmates or peers help you leap closer to your dreams—yet there’s much going on behind the scenes, Capricorn.

On the 6th, your focus is directed inward, towards a personal shift that’s been happening in private over the past few years. It’s this inner work that helps you to shine on the 3rd, and affirm confidence across both your internal and external worlds. Acknowledge your progress, especially on the 11th, and during the last week of November.


splash 2015 zodiac calendar aquarius

Focus on career goals and professional ambitions, Aquarius; you’re being elevated into a position of notoriety—for better or worse. Embrace new beginnings around how you’re seen and allow your reputation to blossom. Acknowledge what you truly want to achieve in your worldly station on the 18th.

There’s the possibility of controversy as the month opens, and despite the promise of social harmony, there’s still plenty of potential for upsets as you express yourself. Gravitate towards home spaces on the 3rd, appreciating the sanctuary that helps you recharge. On the 11th, you’ll feel heard among peers and by month’s end you’ll get even more clarity.


splash 2015 zodiac calendar pisces

Take your adventure in hand, Pisces. You’re now broadening your horizons in wonderful ways, and can rely on the support of your community. Be sure to bring trusted partners along for the ride, however, be mindful of tension during the weekend of the 18th. Those around you compete for attention, while your sights are set further afield.

Despite exciting journeys beckoning, celebrate with those closest on the 3rd. There’s a great focus on efforts made around your role and reputation this month, as you gain increasing clarity around your professional path. You’ve worked hard these past few years, and by month’s end you can comprehend your worldly direction.

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