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Pisces Hollywood Silver Screen Stars…

Scroll down to see a list of Pisces Hollywood stars from yesteryear…


Elizabeth Taylor…


Famous Pisces actresses have a great sensitivity and are naturally empathetic, expressive, soulful people.

The stars of the cinema screen in old Hollywood were no exception, with deeply emotional types like Elizabeth Taylor starring in mega movies of the day.

As a water sign Pisces is at home in the water, perhaps why Ursula Andress looks was the perfect water babe for 007…

Jean Harlow

Dreamy Jean Harlow…


Piscean Beauty Elizabeth Taylor In A Pisces Gown…

Allison Hayes


Allison Hayes – Star Of The Undead, Lots Of Zombie Thriller B-Movies And Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman

Famous Pisces Hollywood Stars From Yesteryear…

elizabeth  jean  ursula andress

☆ Elizabeth Taylor 27th February 1932 ☆ Jean Harlow 3rd March 1911 ☆ Allison Hayes 6th March 1930 ☆ Ursula Andress 19th March 1936 ☆

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