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Pisces Palermo’s Persona Horoscope…


Sun in PiscesVenus in PiscesMercury in PiscesMoon in Scorpio

Subtle mermaid vibes from this Pisces princess!

This is hands down my favourite photo of Palermo, demonstrating Pisces style in beautiful fashion – long, flowing, billowing lines and the prettiest sea foam shade…

Remember, Pisces is the artist of the zodiac and her dress can reflect soulful, poetic vibes, expressed here with ballet pumps and delicate, transparent watercolour fabric – bliss!

Palermo is also one of my chosen examples of Pisces beauty (check out this article with all 12 zodiac beauties) – she was born when the sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter (planetary co-ruler of Pisces, with Neptune) were all in the sign of the fish – therefore she really embodies this zodiac signs style…

She was born when the moon and Pluto were aligned in Scorpio, which is another story…

Born February 28, 1986 in New York

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