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Christina – Sagittarius But With A Steady Taurus Moon…

Christina María Aguilera was born on the 18th December, 1980, in Staten Island, New York.

At just 19 years old she shot to superstardom with a number of hit records and has been in the public eye ever since.

Christina’s Star Sign Style!

Sun In SagittariusMoon In TaurusVenus In Sagittarius Aquarius Rising

Christina is undeniably Sagittarius, with a stellium of planets, plus her Midheaven, governing public perception, in the constellation.

Neptune sitting in the tenth house of career, conjunct communication planet Mercury points to a career in the arts.

Moon in feminine Taurus adds understanding of the senses, and an appreciation of beauty and music.

Christina’s Birth Chart


Born 18th December, 1980 At 10.46am In Staten Island, New York

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