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Sagittarius Color? Plump For Plum.


Sagittarius Star Scarlett Pauses For Purple…


Sagittarius Color – Plump For Plum…

The best colour for Sagittarius?

Saggy should incorporate purple of any shade for a little luck, Sagittarius fashion works well with all colours that are deep and rich – in particular, a deep blue.

These colours will uplift them, as there is a deep resonance of these colours and with spirituality (those born under this zodiac sign are the preachers, after all…)


The wise philosopher of the zodiac will benefit from an injection of plum, purple or blue, they really resonate with the Sagittarius spirit because they’ve long represent the wisdom and enlightenment of man.

Think of the clergyman in his cassock…

To really lead the way in the style stakes wear the best colours for your sign., not only the Sun but your Rising SignMoon Sign and of course, your Venus sign.

These shades aren’t limited to Sagittarius fashion you know, you can go hard in the beauty stakes too…

Sagittarius Beauty – Face It, You Want To Pick A Plum!


Strong Sagittarius Beauty From Moon In Sagittarius Katy Perry And Kelly Osbourne, Sun In Sagittarius Amanda Siegfried, Rita Ora, Christina Aguilera and Nicki Minaj…

The adventurous type, Sagittarius tries something new without a second thought – especially if some stand-out colour is involved.

Definitely daring, pick vibrant shades for make-up looks that pop – purple could be perfect! The stars above show you how to pull off plums and purples…

colour-astrologySee the winning colours for each zodiac sign and read

Colour In Astrology, The Best Shades For The Star Signs…

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