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Celia Johnson…



Why not set the scene for Sagittarius in a place of travel? That’s exactly what happened to Saggy actress Celia Johnson when she starred in Brief Encounter. This mega move was set in a train station in all but a handful of scenes, I do love that film, if you haven’t seen it, do. There’s an edge of your seat sense of excitement throughout (or maybe it’s just me), I think it suits the spirit of Sagg perfectly. Celia keeps it simple and the performance honest…

Famous Sagittarius Hollywood Stars

☆ Geraldine Fitzgerald 24 November 1913 ☆ Genevieve Tobin 29 November 1899 ☆ Maria Callas 2 December 1923 ☆ Marion Shilling 3rd December 1910 ☆ Thelma White 4th December 1910 ☆ Agnes Robertson Moorehead 6 December 1900 ☆ Hermione Gingold 9 December 1897 ☆ Margaret Hamilton 9 December 1902 ☆ Celia Johnson 18th December 1908 ☆ Betty Grable 18th December 1916 ☆ Édith Piaf, 19th December 1915 ☆ Irene Dunne 20 December 1898 ☆ Mimi Aguglia 21 December 1884 ☆ Peggy Ashcroft 22 December 1907 ☆



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