Sagittarius Doppelgänger

clash97-cover-ritaora-tina-turner Tina, Rita… These Stars So Similar!

Tina Turner and Rita Ora

Here’s another astrological doppelgänger for you Stargazers…

I’m comparing the birth charts of Tina Turner and Rita Ora, after seeing the cover of Clash Magazine. Now, I knew both were Sagittarius, but their styles are striking. Can you guess the similarities in their astrology?


tina stage  rita stage

tina red  rita red

sagittarius-rita-ora-astrology  tina1

Star Sign Style So Similar…

☆ Sun In Sagittarius ☆  Venus In Sagittarius ☆ Mercury In Sagittarius 

These stars are CRAZY similar, with some astounding astrology in their birth charts…

Rita has Sun, Mercury and Venus in fun loving Sagittarius making her bold and vivacious – just like Ms Turner!

Her Moon and Mars are in Mutable signs (Pisces and Gemini), making her accommodating and flexible. Tina has the same, however her Mars is in Pisces, Moon is in Gemini – they’re mutually receptive!

We DON’T know Rita’s birth time but check out the two birth charts below…

Rita thighs  Tina thighs

So, what’s my take on these two stars – as for their style?

Well, Sagittarius has stellar thighs, so my advice “Rita, dare to bare! Go shorter, take it from Tina, it’s HOT!”

Tina’s Birth Chart


Born At 10.10pm On The 26th November 1939 In Nutbush, Tennessee

Rita’s Birth Chart


Born 26th November, 1990 In Pristina, Kosovo.

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Author: Kimberly Peta Dewhirst

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